David Reeves (Sony) on PAL and Bittorrent

Button Masher writes:"It must be a little tough sometimes being in charge of a PAL region, getting berated by random people (me) about the delays experienced in one of the smallest markets in the world (NZ). David Reeves fortunately was brutally honest when we talked at E3 and some points rung true, others..."
"David Reeves: We are a PAL market and we are going to do it in PAL and we are going to do it properly, you can wait for it and you can have it in good quality, you know you can get the stuff from Bittorrent if you want to and download PSP games, it's up to you."

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SparkyNZ3638d ago

I heard that in BM's latest podcast, you just know seconds after saying it he was doing a imaginary FACEPALM.

uckitsayitchbay3638d ago

i dissagreed because i truly dont think you do "BET" lol i am so bored

gano3638d ago

That's why this sony is hot.