Rumor: Jet Grind Radio To Return?


"Is Sega dipping into the well of Dreamcast franchises again? That's what we heard from friendlier folks at Comic-Con last week, specifically that the publisher was planning on bringing back one of its more beloved franchises, Jet Grind Radio."

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Rob0g0rilla3704d ago

The first Xbox 1 game I purchased. I hope it happens.

La Chance3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Sega bring it back !!!!

Same for me , one of the first (and few) xbox games I owned.

edit : what ?! To the Wii ? *burns a Wii picture*
Why does the Wii have to exist...

Bnet3433704d ago

OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG OMFG!!!! WOW WOW OH WOW!!! I hope this is true!!!!!!!

Winter47th3704d ago (Edited 3704d ago )

Coming from the SEGA that i know, they'd rip this game so bad it'll be just like what they did to Sonic all those post-DC years, 'whoring' a franchise while betraying the wishes of every devoted fan they've gained, they'd make you wish they never dusted off that classic.

Omega43704d ago

i hope they make a sequal to Jet Set Radio Future that game was the best

Being able to kill police with graffiti lol, that was the sh*t right there

cp683704d ago

But they owned us by saying no dreamcast 2 and no disgae3..what the heck?

Sangria3704d ago

Got Jet Set Radio on Dreamcast and i loved it, but when i replay it now, i find a very big lack of a second analog on Dreamcast. Just like Soul Reaver, it's an amazing game but i use to control the camera, and retro games really had some problems with camera.

I never played Jet Set Radio Future (oh yes, one time for 5 minutes, i cannot consider it was enough time to make a review of it) but it would be a good news if such good franchise would go back in the Next Generation.

But a Wii version? I don't know, it would surely mean no graphic enhancement (even nowadays, Jet Set Radio's graphics are quite amazing), another kind of gameplay and surely a flop since hardcore gamers is an almost inexistent kind in Wii territory (i don't say that for the flame baiting, simply that i'm disgusted by the flop of Okami both on Wii and on PS2, and now i'm pretty sure that every hardcore gamer-targeted game would be a flop on Wii).

(btw fyi, Jet Set Radio is the european name of Jet Grind Radio, and i find it sounds better in european way)

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The story is too old to be commented.