Metal Gear Online Rewards Shop Open

The MGO Rewards shop which was delayed to technical problems, has now been restored. The shop uses reward points, which are gained from official matches.

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infinate3642d ago

Nothing really to get excited over, just some customization stuff.

thor3642d ago

We should be able to customize as many characters as we want in different ways. And change our characters' looks. If MGO were run through PSN, we wouldn't have to pay for additional characters, we'd just set up another account. We wouldn't have to log in seperately. PSN logs me in each time I boot up my PS3. That's useful. I can play all my online games... oh wait not MGO. And now they want to charge me for creating new characters. Then they "reward" me by letting me get a new pair of sunglasses if I win an official match? What's more, the system used by konami is pretty dire compared to PSN, and uses only P2P networking. Which often randomly selects a host when the host quits, which can be me, and I don't have a great connection (warhawk will only let me host 4 player games, MGO doesn't care if I'm hosting a 16 player game).

PirateThom3642d ago

The only advantage is that when PSN is down for maintainence, you can play MGO.

Kenshin_BATT0USAI3642d ago

No you won't be able to, I tryed logging into MGO while PSN was logged out, you have to log into PSn first, though it shouldn't work that way.

gaffyh3641d ago

You still have to be logged in to PSN to play MGO I think

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DiabloRising3642d ago

I'm just awaiting the "No Headshots" game type, then I would enjoy this title. I can't believe Konami has screwed this up so hard, MGS is my favorite series.

SSCOOLCHEA3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

well of course its going to give you a head shot points .Just look at the soldiers and how padded they are with gears

San anto3641d ago

stop bein a moanin b!tch adapt ur technique and own ppl

name3642d ago

It takes alot of body damage to bring people down because it's a third person shooter that has alot of close quarters melee elements to it. Had it been like socom or COD4 where you take down people with bullets easily there'd be no need for the cqc.

Blaine3641d ago

And I personally hate CoD4's multiplayer because it takes so few shots to die. Noobs just aim for my god damn knees and it's just as effective as if they'd tried to aim a little and hit me in the head. In MGO, at least, you need some skill to pull off the headshots, or a helluva lot of body shots!

Delive3641d ago

Sold it yesterday to pay for Soul Calibur. Going online was too frustrating with this title. It was fun once you got there, but it took too much to do so. Hope they learn from their mistakes with this one because it could have been so much more fun.

Skerj3641d ago

Hah really? After the initial sign up which I did during beta, all my info is saved and I just log in and join my friends or a random game or check my stats/skills.

Blaine3641d ago

Going online is a breeze, after you've gone though the initial setup that is. Only thing I hate about MGO's online is that some other ace hole took my PSN Id for his MGO character name, so I couldn't use it. I was not happy about that.

Skerj3641d ago (Edited 3641d ago )

Damn about time, scheisse though to take part in this fully I'll have to buy GENE, I was going to anyway but still. Konami needs to integrate this further into MGO though, I enjoy the fact that I got to buy stuff for my char without having to turn on the game from the web page. However, a more seamless store akin to the PS store would be swell for the game instead of launching the browser in the game.

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