Games vs Girls: Which is Best?

If you're on this website it's probably safe to say you love games. It's also highly probable you love girls too. (By far most GR readers are guys, of which, according to accepted academic thinking, approximately only one in ten is gay.) So the vast majority of you love games and girls. You'll spend a massive amount of time, and effort, not to mention money, trying to touch both.

But which do you love most? What if you had to choose? What if it was nailgun-to-head-time and you had to say, finally, officially, which was best? Which gives you the most pleasure vs effort? Which gives the best return on your investment? Which couldn't you dream of living without?

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RememberThe3573672d ago

I thought the same thing. First off, if you put a nail gun to my head I'd say what ever you wanted. Right when you put the nail gun down, its the my-fist-to-your-face style, over and over and over again. Second, One of the many weaknesses that men have, besides a medium-rare marinated $30 steak or a 50" wide-screen plasma with a Bose sound system on NFL sunday, is the promise of some ass. Plus, I don't see any wars being waged over a videogame.

HighDefinition3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

your a lonely idiot.

I know it`s harsh, but it`s true.

iamtehpwn3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Nothing beats Getting Head while Getting Head Shots. =]

C_SoL3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

Ask Beavis I get nuthin butthead.....

Hell ya, thanks. Big L R.I.P.

Keyser3672d ago

C Sol I respect that Big L line you used. Way to quote a classic...

Ogrekiller3672d ago

"Let's skip M.I. traditions for a moment. Can you think of anything sillier than letting yourself be fired out of a spaceship with nothing but mayhem and sudden death at the other end? However, if someone has to do this idiotic stunt,do you know a surer way to keep a man keyed up to the point where he is willing than by keeping him constantly reminded that the only good reason why men fight is a living, breathing reality?

In a mixed ship, the last thing a trooper hears before a drop (maybe the last word he ever hears) is a woman's voice, wishing him luck.If you don't think this is important, you've probably resigned from the human race."

AAACE53672d ago

If anyone chooses games over girls... You need to re-evaluate your priorities in life! Unless you are a homosexual, then it's understandable if you choose games over girls!

Fox013672d ago

come on, you cannot be serious.

Well I'ld choose game if I liked men.

JsonHenry3671d ago

Being married for six years will change your mind boys. Give me the game!

uie4rhig3671d ago

lol WHAT? ... the obvious winner is girls lol.. games dont give you the satisfaction of a shag do they? well unless there is this awesome new tech that i dont know about xD :P

mfwahwah3671d ago

This was a joke article, meant for laughs. That's why they said no one would even bring up an argument as stupid as this.

If you failed to see the humor, then too bad.


to 1.10

i choose both games and girls but girls can be evil and tempting

for the lonely ones theres always a fleshlight

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theusedfake3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

*raises hand*

I know the answer to this one!!

it's gamer girls ;)

AAACE53672d ago

HAHA... I didn't think of that one!!! Bubble for you!

Fox013672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

they aren't rare at all. The problem is that most of them are ugly as shyt.

yeah fat Princess.

CrashSharc3671d ago (Edited 3671d ago )

Actually that's untrue too. One of my close friends, who I think is amazingly cute is a gamer. But I've known her for years but have only discovered this side of her recently. Most girls, especially the cuter they are, are just too shy too admit it.

The ugly ones openly admit it because they have nothing to lose... that's all...


gamer girls are always a plus for me

rockleex3669d ago

Think of all the things you could do while playing games with her!!!

If only I was this creative back when I was with that gaming chick. <_<

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Dream Machine3672d ago

Coming up next on pointless comparisons we compare barn owls and cheese; which are more exciting!?

Seriously, this is what passes for games journalism?

Evilninja3672d ago

No, it's what passes for games humor writing.

Dream Machine3672d ago

Most people can't pull off humor and game-related humor is no exception. Its hardly Yahtzee is it? But what can you expect from a site that proudly boasts of a 'Sexy Fanart' section?

Skerj3672d ago

Dude, Barn Owls SO win against cheese.

HighDefinition3672d ago (Edited 3672d ago )

a factory of Barn Owls making mini cheese barn owls would be great aswell to campare against something.

proArchy3672d ago

Barn owls can ravage your eye sockets with their terrible gnashing talons. Also, they would just use the cheese as bait to catch more mice.

Now let's do Spider plants VS Sea Monkeys!

Oh, p.s., even if there was no promise of ass my girl would always win! Although I would like to tell her more about this head during head-shots theory that was dropped a few comments back.

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Rice3672d ago

Dawg...girls are like "MONSTER KILL" and "HEADSHOT"...

Bubble Buddy3672d ago

ummm, give me a few minutes to think....

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