Jolt Review: The Lost Crown: A Ghost-Hunting Adventure


''If you take a trip to the deepest, darkest recesses of East Anglia in England, you might well find yourself in a spooky town bursting at the seams with paranormal activity and the promise of medieval treasure to discover, not to mention some missing felines. Or at least that's what The Lost Crown would have you believe (despite its insistence on lopping off the "East" part), but we sadly didn't completely buy into the whole portrayal of the area as a hub of supernatural phenomena and scant pussy because, well, we live there, and can report that the most chilling aspect of the nearby seaside towns is the shit weather. But we're willing to put our disbelief on hold for the sake of good storytelling so we can tell you whether that's all The Lost Crown gets wrong.

The story opens with an intriguing sequence referring to a mysterious corporation that isn't too happy with the game's hero, Nigel Danver. The game then jumps over to the seaside town of Saxton, where young Danvers has travelled in an attempt to escape the attentions of his new-found buddies with nothing more than a few cryptic printouts and apparently blurry images in his possession. According to his notebook, you need to find somewhere to stay and lie low for a while.''

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