Tale of Tales Returning to Kickstarter After Sunset Disappointment

Marcus Estrada writes: "Recently, long-time developer Tale of Tales revealed that they were no longer pursuing commercial video game production. Although they ran a successful Kickstarter for Sunset, it failed to attract much attention from the gaming populace after launch. This huge misstep caused the development team to reevaluate their work and decide that they were not going to make games for the "mainstream" any longer."

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Godmars2901217d ago

Hard to imagine them doing anything that's directly game related given the tantrum they threw. The utter lack of faith and disrespect they showed the gaming community.

Somebody1217d ago

Indie devs are the darlings of the gaming industry at the moment but I just can't stand the childish attitude some of them show when things go south.

SquidBuck1217d ago

Remember Phil Fish lmao, he started it.

phoenixwake1217d ago

It's sad to see the idea of independent development get besmirched by self-important hipster types. For every "Indie" we get like Tale of Tales or Phil Fish, there are a dozen really consumer-oriented, responsible and polite devs that are doing their best and want no association to those kinds of unprofessional people.

DLConspiracy1217d ago

Wasn't this that SJW game that made a huge deal about it's self being PC? I was just talking about this game earlier with someone.

Cy1217d ago

Pretty much. From the start it was pretentious and preachy and I'm not surprised it tanked.

MoveTheGlow1217d ago

They're stopping producing commercial games and focusing on the kinds of art games they've made in the past. Which seems like a good idea, because as they learned, making these kinds of games takes a lot more money than you think for far less sales than you'd expect.

But hey, Luxuria Superbia was cool, alright?

phoenixwake1217d ago (Edited 1217d ago )

I'm hoping that people don't flock blindly to these fellows after the atrocious public meltdown they had. I don't care what product you offer, you never publicly spew hate speech to your audience. Never, ever, ever.

Some choice quotes:

"Hahaha. I'm so free. Look at me. I can say FUCK GAMES! FUCK GAMERS! FUCK THE GAME INDUSTRY! DIE! DIE!DIE! And rot in hell!"

"Perfect. Goodbye, gamers! May you die in the same agony that you caused to thousands of defenceless virtual creatures."


Cy1217d ago

Oh god, they thought their SJW, "oh look at our non-white, non-male main character and ignore our crappy gameplay and boring, full of itself story" games were mainstream? Lol. I almost can't wait to see what kind of crap they think is "niche".