New "Linger In Shadows" Details Emerge

A dreamlike, seemingly random sequence unfolds before your eyes; then it stops, spools back and starts again. Can you influence it? Can you alter or extend what you have already seen?

A collaboration of hypnotic art, subtle gameplay and invigorating music, there are no rules or traditions in Linger in Shadows. The laws of physics and time are irrelevant. This is not a game in the traditional sense, rather an abstract, interactive experience designed to challenge and captivate your inquisitive mind.

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Liquid Dust3705d ago

Man, I totally forgot all about this one, hopefully this will be a sign of more info to come in the near future, Sony is just loving the abstract and art type games: flower, pixeljunk monsters and eden, ...fat princess even? I think so

reaferfore203705d ago

Everyday shooter too. They're really wanting me to do drugs while I play their games!

Rofflecopter3705d ago

you dont already?!

*shares acid and hands over a controller*

ahhhh now lets play Pixeljunk Eden.

rockleex3705d ago

Sony statement: Ken Kuturagi has left Sony and Playstation to pursue "other endeavors".

Ken is now the head of Yakuza drug dealing in Japan. His drugs are region free. You can import them from Japan. They call him Aoi Ichido... in other words, Blue Ray!!!

Overr8ed3705d ago

O_O, is their anyway to describe this game better. Its like an interactive video... i understood that. then it lost me.

Fishy Fingers3705d ago

It's really just a demoscene at heart. You can read about them here >

More information on Linger and the team behind it >

theKiller3705d ago

only possible on ps3!!!

take that bots!! ur console is loosing!!
now back to 360 owners, well u have good console but the hardware and MS is killing its customers

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The story is too old to be commented.