Thunderbolt Review: Beijing 2008

Craig Nye writes:

''Back in the very early years of school, no one liked being picked last in P.E. Together with sitting at the front of the class, not having a Man Utd lunch box and girls with their 'cooties' it was something we all hoped to avoid. There was always a sense of inner failure at trudging to one side of a team because you were the last possible choice left. Athletics was one of many sports that glorified the fit and for most it was a sport you'd have to enjoy from a sidelined position, or in view of everyone else sprinting off into the distance for the wilfully determined and/or stupid. But even if you take no interest in athletics, it's impossible not to know of the Olympics be it through magazines, friends or even in the news for reasons that have nothing to do with sport at all, (as this year's event will attest).''

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