Soul Calibur Brawl

Soul calibur IV has hit store shelves with a host of new features including online play and a robust character creator. It's the combination of those two that makes one wish that you could share your creations online. Just take a look at some of the possibilities in the video below featuring fighters from Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, Super Smash Bros Brawl, X-Men, and of course Street Fighter.

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Sitdown3643d ago

create any characters to resemble other video game characters or real life people?.......if so, which ones? Some of these are really good, as I could name then.

rhood0223642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

I've created some FF characters: Orlandeau, Miliadoul, Agrias, Ramza and Delita from FF: Tactics and Sephiroth and Cloud in their Kingdom Hearts iterations.

I've also created versions of Sub-Zero and Scorpion (which I think look better than the ones in this vid)

I just created Kingdom Come Green Lantern and a version of Batman from the Dark Ages story.

For fun, I also created an Obama and McCain too.
What I found out is you cant be OCD about creating an exact representation. In fact, you have to make them work within the context of the universe. Regardless, I think I've spent about the same amount of time playing as I have creating characters. I just wish there were more creative content or, at the very least, the ability to use Vader/Yoda and the Apprentice's assets.

Sitdown3641d ago

I wonder if there will ever come or time...or if there is a way that you can share your creations across live. In that other people can download them and play with them.