A Grand Update for Gran Turismo 5 Prologue


"On Friday, August 1st, Gran Turismo 5 Prologue owners will receive a significant update that'll take their racing experience to a new level."

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MaximusPrime3524d ago

nice ive been waiting for top gear episode.

of course ill play the game more.

Liquid Dust3524d ago

very nice, ive been waiting for some more reasons to start playing this one again, it just gets a bit much tryin to save credits for a 300 grand ferrari, but damnit the cars are just so much fun to drive, each one feels great in its own way

Tarasque3524d ago

Well i was hoping for something good so i would even start playing it. But i will have to do more waiting i guess.

Lmann3524d ago

Top Gear is cool.... But, I think I have already seen them all. Are there new episodes just for GTP?

Sk8boyP3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

NIce to hear of more content for this great game :)

Deviant3524d ago

dude if u really have to complain ...complain about polyphony.

butterfinger3524d ago

already said just after Prologue came out that we would be getting a damage update later this year. Damn, be patient, it's just a prologue.

MaximusPrime3524d ago

kids out there are always not patient. There is a world out there than just sitting and playing a console 24/7

i say let sony or developers do what they can do. to me delay is a good thing, it makes game better.

TheExecutive3524d ago

I didnt buy this game for four reasons:
1.) No custom soundtracks
2.) No damage
3.) Not enough tracks
4.) No trophies.

Dont get me wrong, it was a great weekend rental but i didnt buy it because it was lacking a GT TV feature. Well, you get the point. Flame on.

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zo6_lover273524d ago

It is getting damage. The rest of the stuff I don't know.

incogneato3524d ago

The game will constantly be updated up until the release of GT5. Damage will be there as soon as they create it. I assume trophies and soundtracks will be too. The only thing missing will be tons of cars and tracks. It's super fun to play online, you're missing out.

thor3524d ago

You are forgetting

5) Only matchmaking online - no way to choose who you race against

The system they have is ridiculous. I played it the other day and whilst there were people online, if I went onto some of the higher events I could barely ever get a race with more than 4 people. It's peer-to-peer and whilst you can choose which track you want to go on and with what vehicle class (performance points), most of them no one plays.

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Mr Blings3524d ago (Edited 3524d ago )

trophy support,in game soundtracks, weather changes, car damage just to name a few things...spend time on enhancing the actual game, I can watch speed tv anytime. I will never use this

Lmann3524d ago

Yeah, "Gran Turismo TV"? great! ;) Could a major Sony product that deals with racing maybe have added Trophy support?? Please get on that Sony. You know, just for us,...... The fans. :)

i_like_ff73524d ago

-__- i want damage modelling dammit...And wasnt there supposed to be a top gear track in GT5p? Whatever happened to that?

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The story is too old to be commented.