Nintendo considering holographic storage solution for Wii?

Even though the lack of space on the Wii to store downloadale games, content, and channels have been a persistent issue since the console's launch, Nintendo may finally be considering an approach - although unconventional - to solve the problem. An excerpt from a filed patent hints that Nintendo may be considering a holographic storage solution, in conjunction with InPhase Technologies, for Wii.

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BrotherNick3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Holographic data storage captures information using an optical inference pattern within a thick, photosensitive optical material. Light from a single laser beam is divided into two separate beams, a reference beam and an object or signal beam; a spatial light modulator is used to encode the object beam with the data for storage. An optical inference pattern results from the crossing of the beams’ paths, creating a chemical and/or physical change in the photosensitive medium; the resulting data is represented in an optical pattern of dark and light pixels. By adjusting the reference beam angle, wavelength, or media position, a multitude of holograms (theoretically, several thousand) can be stored on a single volume. The theoretical limits for the storage density of this technique are approximately tens of terabits (1 terabyte = 1,000 gigabytes) per cubic centimeter. In 2006, InPhase technologies published a white paper reporting an achievement of 500 Gb/in.

That totally owns blu-ray. I'm not comparing just saying.

Holographic data storage can provide companies a method to preserve and archive information. The write-once, read many (WORM) approach to data storage would ensure content security, preventing the information from being overwritten or modified.

Now I see why Nintendo is interested, they want to protect their stuff.

games4fun3674d ago

nintendo filing a patent doesn't mean its coming now like the article guesses.

at best holographic medium will be here 5 years from now and i'm being optimistic

Altered_Soul3674d ago

Yeah he copy pasted it... from Wiki.

Regardless, it gives an idea of what we are potentially seeing (though I doubt it compared to solid state storage) without having to follow a million links, but it would be nice to add quotes to show its not your own work.

sumfood4u3674d ago

More space = more money spend on Virtual & Wiiware! Of couse someone will Dissagree with me for wanting more space on Wii but 52KB dont cut it for me! wish it had like 20GB that seems fair for its 250 price tag!

BrotherNick3674d ago

yep, but posting it on the comments makes sure you know more altered_soul...most ppl would be like "cool" and that's it.

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Lmann3674d ago

It's viable or cost effective at this point. But, it would be ironic if Nintendo used an really expensive storage solution after going cheap with older tech on the Wii. I just don't think it's going happen.

zo6_lover273674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

This could mean they will use HVD next generation, 3.9 terabyte(3900GB, no typo) storage capacity on one disk


@ BrotherNick, I does totally pwn bluray(only 400GB per disk, its capacity has increased)

But they may only be using it like a hard drive, using it only to store extra information like DLC, not the game itself

I was wondering who was going to use HVD next generation, I was expecting SONY since every year they introduced a new format intoo gaming but it looks like its Nintendo's turn.

madjedi3674d ago (Edited 3674d ago )

Here is a slight problem with it pwning blu ray, last i read(and it was a bit ago) 12-15k per player and $120 per disc. Somebody made a higher capacity disc(not exactly a brd) 500 gigs to a terabyte i think, and with slight modification to future blu ray players/readers will be playable. They also expect it to cost roughly the same as a brd.

This is most likely some obscure patent that someone found, okay now look at nintendo and look at the wii, really nintendo doesn't strike me as wanting to put the newest tech in their machines.

A 4 terabyte disc lol, the highest resolution tv's play is 1080p blu rays have no problem even at 50 gigs for that. So tell me exactly why would a 1 or a 4 terabyte disc be the slightest bit useful to a game console? Are we storing the library of congress on it?

A usb flash drive or standard external usb hdd is alot cheaper and alot more practical, for the wii or the next nintendo console.

Hvd are only going to be useful/practical for either government or corporate/commerical backup. Now if we have games and movies that are at ultra high definition then it might be useful till then pointless.

As much as i love new advances in technology, if it is not theisable or practical it is pointless(to me) till it becomes either then i'llpay it some attention, some of you people are as deluded as the digital download pushers.

@mcgrawgamer If you seriously believe nintendo has any plans to use this on the wii 2 or whatever, plz pass around, whatever it is your drinking or smoking to the other posters thx. 7680 by 4320 wow

mcgrawgamer3674d ago

next console. Nintendo is a shifty beast. while msft and sony try to shift to the casual market. I can see nintendo shifting back to the hardcore in about 2 to 3 more years.

zo6_lover273674d ago

I see what Nintendo is doing, getting all the casual gamers now, getting hardcore later
It will make Sony and MS try to be more casual but Nintendo has already snatched up the entire casual fanbase and that's when they go hardcore, all the casual buyer will still get the next Nintendo and so will the hardcore, leaving Sony and MS all by them selfs.

I can see MS getting phased by this but not Sony.

Altered_Soul3674d ago

That potential marketing strategy just blew my mind.

Holy crap those manipulative bastards!

I do agree though, I doubt this technology is being integrated for the Wii, I still believe we will be seeing a Solid State thumb drive with some sort of connection (USB?, WiFi?) and proprietary system to make it Nintendo FP only. I also wouldn't be surprised if they additionally package it with a game utlizing it or with a bevvy of Wii points or something or other.

BrotherNick3674d ago

Funny thing is the casual are quite loyal...even more so than the hardcore. Look at apple.

vashivihang3674d ago

wow thats pretty cool. though i honestly cant even begin to imagine the kinda stuff we will be able to do on 400 gb per disk

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