PSW Preview: Dark Void

Before Dark Void, developer Airtight Games was working on a very different style of shooter. It had originally planned a vehicular-combat title before one big idea came along and changed everything...

"Once we'd come up with the idea of making a vertical shooter, all our work had to be thrown out and we started from scratch," says lead designer Jose Perez.

The concept of 'verticality' comes from Airtight's belief that most 3D games aren't actually 3D. You move away and towards the camera, but rarely on more than one axis. By giving Will - the central character - a rocket pack, the developer wants you to battle enemies above and below, as well as in front and behind.

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Ureval3609d ago

Yeah, this one totally came under my radar. This has great potential to be an amazing multiplayer. I just hope the shooting feels less like Army of Two and more like COD4. For a game like this to succeed it needs weapons that feel deadly, not like pea shooters.