GameZone: Shining Stars: Super Starcade Review

Kiddie games aren't usually thought of as being robust. Kids certainly wouldn't use that word to describe their favorite virtual plaything. But that word is somewhat fitting to Shining Stars: Super Starcade, a kid-targeted mini-game collection for Nintendo DS. It looks like a Build-a-Bear knock-off (or Care Bears, if you're old enough to remember them), and could be written off as another one of "those" games. But while it features all the flaws you'd expect (it's a knock-off of other products, the mini-games are super repetitive, etc.), Shining Stars is slightly better than the average mini-game menagerie.

Gameplay: 6
Graphics: 4
Sound: 2
Difficulty: Easy
Concept: 3
Multiplayer: 5.5

Overall: 6.0

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