Post-release Soulcalibur IV online play disappoints

Ars Technica writes: "Heading online with Soul Calibur IV was a little nerve-wracking. While we've previously played the title to death, the online mode can only be tested once the game is on retail shelves and being played by the masses. Sad to say, the initial impressions of post-release online play weren't favorable."

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PirateThom3709d ago

Fact: Fighting games do not work online.

Tmac3709d ago

Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection Online was alright at best.

Solid_Snake6663709d ago

yes depending on host connection

Mr_Showtime13709d ago

but it's very odd, considering it's just two chartacters and a small arena, but I supose percision and timing are key in fighters.

Skerj3709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

They do very much so, on PC we play fighting games online all the time. Also things like is bringing lag free fighting to gamers on PC for free. On Xbox and 360 I played SF Anniversary collection extensively and usually had good matches against my friends. Virtua Fighter 5 on 360 is pretty lag free from what I've heard as well.

Tekken DR is pretty ok but when you hit lag it LAGS, voice chat is crystal clear and it sounds like a cell phone. I do wonder what happened to Namco with SCIV then because I find it very odd that Dark Resurrection has the things they complain about in SCIV remedied and that game was online a year ago.

I just hope Capcom gets with the GGPO guys or consult them or something for the netcode in SFIV and the inevitable netcode for Tatsunoko vs Capcom (it WILL get ported to home consoles).

Rob0g0rilla3709d ago

The slightest lag can mess everything up.

Fox013709d ago

DOA IV online is just GREAT. Anyone who has played DOA IV online will agree

rickjames3709d ago

its pretty good for me.. its hard to connect to a match tho..

any1 wanna get whooped?? (psn roymillz)

sumfood4u3709d ago

Any game that has Lag messes up everything, even in MMORPG i remember running away from a orc in everquest an he still could hit U 8~Miles away! not even in hitting distant! Bottom Line is Lagging in any online game sucks!

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Asurastrike3709d ago

I've just been playing Soul Calibur online for the past 5 hours with my friend who lives 500 miles away. No lag, no disconnects, mics work great. It's the PS3 version which has a 2 second loading time after install.

jaysquared3709d ago

"It's the PS3 version which has a 2 second loading time after install."


WAR_MACHINE773709d ago (Edited 3709d ago )

I haven't had any problems on the PS3 either (well other than getting my monkey ass whipped, can't wait till my arcade stick gets here).

Bnet3433709d ago

What the hell? I have 360 version this game is smooth as butter. I've been playing all day no lag. this article is either fake or must be talking about PS3 version. 360 is lag free.

Lmann3709d ago

agreed! I played for hours today on PSN, works great, Lots of fun.

iamtehpwn3709d ago

And I just got done playing Brawl a few minutes ago, and it's smooth as an asian girl's backside. So, Give them sometime.

ice_prophecy3709d ago

Nuuuu I thought they'd fix it by now.

I wonder if this is an issue in japan's lightning fast net infrastructure?

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