EA to Own Take-Two by August?

Endsights writes:

"Yesterday, one investment journalist reported that Microsoft was the suitor for Take-Two. Today, Citigroup analyst Brent Thill believes that Electronic Arts will officially purchase Take-Two by August."

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DarkArcani3491d ago

How about we stop posting all the T2 acquisition articles with the big fat question-marks at the end of them. We all get it, companies are trying to buy T2. Until they do, stop posting the articles, there isn't really any new info.

Overr8ed3491d ago

yea just give me the article that ends it.

dannyhinote_133491d ago

It keeps you updated along the way, though, so I don't see the issue with it.

DarkArcani3491d ago

until they get bought there wont be any updating, just maybes.
New headlines read-
"Atari trying to buy Take-Two?"

Ogrekiller3491d ago

Anyone wants to see this?

DarkArcani3491d ago

lol truth be told, that was my second headline, I was thinking about combining Atari and SEGA, then buying T2

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Bangladesh3491d ago

If EA acquires T2, we can expect EA to launch a console in the next console cycle.

bluecapone3491d ago

EA will not step into the console market because they make more money as publishers who put their products on every format

pricklypete3491d ago

good point. GTA5 (firstly, i bet there will be things similar to Vicecity/san andreas)

And if EA makes a console it will have GTA, then it will add weird add ons to the console and fail like sega

LossTheEarthbreaker3491d ago

Not sure where you came up with this, guy, but that just doesn't make any sense and is completely baseless.

Please remember to actually do some kind of research before you make such bold statements.

Bangladesh3490d ago

What's there to research? EA own's the NFL license, they have gobbled up a slew of very talented dev studio's and IP's over the years, and they are the largest game publisher on the planet. Add little quips like hiring Peter Moore, a man who has launched more game consoles than any single corporate VP in history. It seems very feasible, if you have been paying attention.

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PS3thedestroyer3491d ago

Go EA, they are the best company the best at making games, i buy every game they make!

eagles19903491d ago

I honestly hope that is sarcasm

PS3thedestroyer3491d ago

I mean in terms of getting fkn owned in compitition lol!

pricklypete3491d ago

leave take2 alone!...

LEAVE THEM ALONE (whimper, whimper)

lol i'd pay to see a video on youtube with that goin down

theusedfake3491d ago (Edited 3491d ago )

all they want is more, more, more, more, MORE!!
Leave 'em alone!

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