New Captain Rainbow Trailer

Captain Rainbow's is Nintendo's vehicle for honoring their lesser known character's. This trailer adds to the list of obscure characters already introduced in previous trailers.

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ChickeyCantor3639d ago

They are not showing any gameplay, and its really not helping with the japanese voices >_<.

BrotherNick3639d ago

Captain Rainbow seems utterly hilarious. Also the title sounds gay to western cultures.

ChickeyCantor3639d ago

I'm afraid this is going to be one of those FUN games that no one will buy and certainly not AMerica....anything with a rainbow patch is gay to them XD

floatingworld3639d ago

There is very slight gameplay bits shown. Hopefully its similar to chibi robo.

PS360WII3639d ago

Great art style, but I still don't get what it's all about. Along with yes not to many Americans will buy this >< so most likely this is a Japan only title :(

joeyda3639d ago

I hope not. It looks like it's nearly akin to Chibi Robo. Highly Japanese, yet it hit American shores.