'Horror games are pushing into the mainstream'

Creepy PS4 exclusive Until Dawn will help the horror genre march into the mainstream, says Sony.

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Tornado1215d ago

This game is looking good so far. Very interesting. Hope it turns out great.

Kyosuke_Sanada1215d ago

Yuck....I'd feel more comfortable if they just said, "We are striving for the best horror ever."

TheGreatGamer1215d ago (Edited 1215d ago )

Until Dawn isn't a big enough game to push horror into the main stream but I hope we see bigger horror games, horror games are a lot of fun

OB1Biker1215d ago

I actually see this game as more fun than really horror and cant wait for it. But Im not sure what you mean by big. Being hopefully a great game seems to be what matters most and I dont think of it as a 'small' game either.
Exclusive games often get more attention and Bloodborne is a good example of a genre becoming more main stream as a result IMO

TwoForce1215d ago

You really don't know about Until Dawn, do you ?

robtion1215d ago

Not big enough? I think you mean, not on Xbox, right?

I've seen your comments/submissions before, no shame in being a Microsoft cheerleader, just stick to xbox articles.

1nsomniac1215d ago

... Horror games are now pushing into mainstream??

They always were tremendously mainstream & popular until you let stupid statisticians & analysts like Pach who have absolutely no idea about the format, customer base or desire to tell you to stop making them because it's not what people want. While throughout gamers are screaming for them & almost willing to just throw money at them.

RpgSama1215d ago

I just hope until dawn is reviewed and judged by the kind of game it is, an interactive storytelling game not so different from a Telltale game instead of what the reviewers wanted it to be (a Silent Hill, Resident Evil or something in between).

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