GameStyle Reviews: Alone In The Dark

GameStyle writes:

Having sat through the utter abortion of a movie that was Uwe Bolls Alone in the Dark we were utter shocked when the latest game in the AITD series actually follows that more closely than it does the series roots. Proof if proof was needed that Atari are complete morons.

Playing AITD was one of our most unpleasant experiences of the year. It's so laughably bad that this could be considered this generations Rise of the Robots or Superman 64. It's baffling how a game that was so promising could turn out to be such a disaster. The warning bells started ringing straight from the start. Our 'hero' Edward Carnby wakes up with some Jason Bourne-like amnesia and before you know it you're being chased by evil demons that hide in the walls, a bit like a mixture of movies The Frighteners and Tremors. Then Edward has a look in a mirror and notices that he isn't exactly the best looking guy in the world, with a scar down the side of his face and a complexion making him look like a sculpture from Madame Tussauds.

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