Gaming Age Review - Siren: Blood Curse

Jim Cordeira Writes:

"Real survival horror games have been few and far between as of late. Releases in the genre have slowed up considerably, and Resident Evil, once the most high profile of all survival horror games, has veered into more of "zombie-themed action" direction. For all horror fans, a resurgence of sorts is upon us with the upcoming Silent Hill: Homecoming and Dead Space, but firstly almost of out nowhere, Siren: Blood Curse for the PlayStation 3.

Siren: Blood Curse is a high definition, pseudo-reboot of the PlayStation 2's Siren series. Besides just being redone, Sony has reinvented the game as a downloadable, episodic PlayStation Network game. Siren is clearly an experiment in game making, and after being totally creeped out and enthralled from beginning to end, a very successful one at that."

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PimpHandHappy3426d ago

and im not fully into the game yet but from what i played it really does dreep you out

if ur looking for a Horror game you wont go wrong with this one

Playstation Man3426d ago

Awesome score. I'm glad media sources are recognizing this game for the genius that it is!

Mr PS33426d ago

In the Game
make's my dog go Nuts
Great game

tako20003426d ago

I always though this kind of "horror game remake" won't receive good score from western press. So anything from 7~8 is expected, but A- is really surprised me.

BTW I shouldn't pre-order JP version hard-copy, I should just download it from US PSN...

chaostheory3426d ago

Just download it, if you are worried about space you can just delete all the episodes except the first one and re-download it whenever you want to play.