TheSixthAxis Review: PixelJunk Eden

Review by nofi:

"In simpler times, when games had 8 colours and two buttons, Bugaboo the Flea was a personal hero. By holding down either '1' or '0' you could make the titular creature leap left or right, the length of the key press determining the distance you would jump. With these simple commands you could climb the highest mountains, vaulting from craggy rock to plant like something out of the Matrix. Back in 1983, 25 years ago, this was a revelation, and now, effortlessly, Q-Games have recreated that simple, freeflowing mechanic and made it work for a new generation of gamer."

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Sev3643d ago

Nice review Nofi...

Keep up the good work.

Luca Blight3642d ago

If so it looks like I'll have to take a break from NCAA Football 2009 (and Soul Calibur 4)!

Gambit073642d ago

Even my GF got into this game. Can't wait for tomorrow.