Next-Gen Macs Will Not Use Intel Chips, Some Say

The blogosphere is buzzing about rumors the next generation of MacBooks will ditch the familiar Intel chipsets. Apple's been building Intel-based computers since '06, when it announced it would stop using PowerPC processors in favor of Intel.

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whoelse3705d ago

lol, why would they do that.

SaiyanFury3705d ago

Who cares? It's not like you can change out the CPU in a mac anyways.

Adamalicious3705d ago

They aren't even talking about the CPU - they're talking about the overall chipset. They are currently using slightly modified versions of off the shelf Intel boards - the rumor is that they will go back to custom chipsets like they used to use, most likely to lower power consumption.

Orange3705d ago

you're showing a picture of an iMac with a PowerPC chip in it, which is not an Intel chip. And "familiar Intel chipsets"? They've been around what, 2...3 years in the Mac?

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The story is too old to be commented.