PlayTM: Fifa 09 Preview

Preview by Luke Guttridge:

"Last year's FIFA was something of a landmark for the series, the game emerging as easily one of the best examples of the long-running franchise, while at the same time Pro Evo's form unexpectedly dipped. For the first time in a while FIFA was at one with the critics, and it was Konami who, if you'll pardon the pun, were left frantically back-peddling, seeking to reacquire what had made PES the best the genre had to offer for so many years.

FIFA 09, then, seems to carry on in the same vein as the commendable FIFA 08, as well as this summer's tie-in title, UEFA Euro 2008. FIFA 09 is looking just as rock solid as the 08 outing, judging by the hands-on time I recently enjoyed at EA's invitation. What's more, EA Sports are working hard to tweak and improve the minor issues outstanding, as well as expanding the series in exciting new directions."

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