Eternal Sonata PS3 exclusive content detailed; new images


"This version of the Playstation 3 will offer exclusive content, with two new playable characters (Crescendo and Seranade), additional quests, new purpose and a system of customisation for costumes heroes."

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B-Rein3702d ago

hahah why is it in rumors i thought it was confirmed owell, kool i cant wait for thyis game looks good

cp683702d ago

I clicked on rumor then rapidly clicked on news and moved on...didn't realize it stayed a rumor and didn't switch to news..

DA_SHREDDER3702d ago

Im an RPG fanatic, been playing them since Dragon Warrior 1. To tell you the truth, I played the demo to this game and fell so in love with the graphics that I bought the game. Its gorgeous. But the gameplay is really lame. I dont know why everyone is talking about this game like the ps3 needs it,, cause we dont need it on the console. Its just a plain ol boring game. Story sucks, and the gameplay is pretty much just like any Tales game, but worse.

Megatron083702d ago

dont know why they waste time with adding more content to this game it was a god awful jrpg. The graphics are great but the game itself sucked.

sumfood4u3702d ago

But I'm feening for more an 2 be honest any freaking MMORPG that envolves magic, classes, party that Kick A$$es! where our FFXI & EVERQUEST 2 at? Sony there are a lot of MMORPG players on this planet besides me. So Wazzup!

Lelouch V Brit3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

is eternal sonata coming to North America? because I own the xbox 360 version but I want to play a upgrade version.

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DViOUS1ONE3702d ago

I really don't care what else they add in this game I just want to play an RPG game so please just let me have it

meepmoopmeep3702d ago

there's a plethora of JRPG's you can play.

i'm playing FFIV & FFVII right now :D

heheh, but i agree, i'd love some PS3 ones. I've been wanting ES so i hope it makes it out ASAP. I guess single platform owners don't mind all the exclusive stuff they're adding in games for the wait. well worth it.

can't wait for Valkyria Chronicles and Disgaea.

juuken3702d ago

I hear ya. I need an rpg to plaaaaay.

TheDeadMetalhead3702d ago

...And I'm not talking about the cheesy GBA/DS ones. I'm talking about the ORIGINAL one! Make a sequel to that game with badass PS3 graphics and you have one hell of an RPG :)

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SolidSnake933702d ago

To the Xbox owners: Was this game good?
I'm thinking about it but I don't know how good it was, anyone who owned the XBOX version please tell me your impressions.

GiantEnemyCrab3702d ago

No, not really... Been so long since I've played it I forgot about it now.

The Wood3702d ago

nothing to get too excited over then

cliffbo3702d ago

take a look at the review over at Gametrailers. i want this game and so will you

McWeen3702d ago

I really enjoyed it on the Xbox 360 BUT I will clarify. The story sort of sucks and makes no sense. I didn't care because the battle system was very very fun and I felt rewarded for leveling. The art style is really nice too. Basically if you play RPGs because you like the game style you will like this but if you play them because they are books you click through avoid it.

BrotherNick3702d ago

I love the someone who loves chopin would.

kewlkat0073702d ago

the voice overs are pretty good, so you won't get annoyed.(Not like Enchanted Arms)

As you know the game is a mix of Action-based/Turn-based. when it's time for you to Attack, you can Attack with whatever you have, based on a "Time Gauge". Once that runs out your turn is over. very similar to Tales of Verspia but only one can attack at once.

The Story is where this game shines. You sorta go through the a Period in the life of "Frédéric Chopin", which the main story is about. You also learn about what was really happening during that time with illustration and real pictures in between.

As well as the Music for this game is top notch. Obviously "Chopin" being a composer you get a good sense on his style, through the game. The game is a little short though and since monsters roam around the MAP(ala FF12) it makes it easy to run pass, unless they are blocking a road. I beat it in 24 hrs.

As you know I'm a sucker for JRPGs with Good MUSIC and STORY. That's all it takes for me to at least finish a JRPG game. Regardless of the graphics. You'll also learn a little in this game as well. I think Frédéric Chopin lived during the Romanticicm period.

SolidSnake933702d ago

Thank you guys for offering your impressions.

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militant073702d ago

everyone knew that
if you watched video youll see something new
i played the game and noticed that

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3702d ago

Looking for a good RPG. It's either gonna be this or Folklore.

The Wood3702d ago

ive not played anything like it and the art style was nuts. you can pick it up on the cheap now.

g3nkie3702d ago

omg, get Folklore. The are style in that game is something out of a Tim Burton movie. I really wish their was more for this game but I really doubt their going to make another one. If your looking for an RPG, you owe it to yourself to pick it up.

BlaST_ProCesSiNG-3702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I knew I'd get some responses favoring Folklore. RPG's really aren't my thing, but I loved the Folklore demos. I'll most likely buy Folklore, I just threw that first comment out there to get some feedback ;)

kevnb3702d ago

is much much better than Eternal Sonata.

g3nkie3702d ago

Walmart actually has Folklore for $30 and if you can find it, Target was having it on clearance for $15. Good time to pick it up. :)

eagle213702d ago

Eternal Sonata got 8.3
Blue Dragon 7.9

Go with Folklore and read the IGN review first. :)

Homicide3702d ago

I recently bought Folklore and it's pretty good. Such an underrated gem. The storyline and storytelling will have you hooked to the game. It's well done and keeps you entertained. The gameplay is fun, especially using the sixaxis to capture the folk's ids. Capturing all the folks and releasing their karmas will keep you busy and there is tons of downloadable content for it.

Run_bare3701d ago

Folklore is the game that actually make me purchase a PS3 (Cause there is no other that interest me at the time).

You will not be dissapointed, it's really fun capturing all the Folks and don't forget to download some extra Contents from the PS Store, it really makes a lasting impression. I really do hope they make a sequel, and maybe next time with more PS3 owners out there, it will be appreciated even more.

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