TGR E3 Hands-On: Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe - "A MK Game at Heart"

TGR - "'Really? Come on, seriously… really?' If those thoughts were running through your head when Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe was first announced, trust us, you weren't alone. During E3, we were able to see the game in action, and also get a few rounds in for ourselves to confirm that this isn't just a practical joke by series co-creator Ed Boon, and that both him and the team at Midway are certainly not treating it like one."

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cain1413585d ago

DC vs Marvel would have been much more interesting...

gamerosity3585d ago

The only question is, Who would make it? Capcom or Midway?

Erasmus3585d ago

it would have made more sense that's for sure. Personally I'm still awaiting the next real MK sucessor, not this crossover stuff.

MK_Red3585d ago

Yeah, can't wait for the real next-gen MK. Those gory fatalities with HD graphics are gonna be sweet. MK vs DC should be a fun crossover to play with until the real deal arrives.

gamerosity3585d ago it might be a long wait. If the game turns out to be as successful as the developers are thinking, they'll definitely go back to the well and put out a MK vs. DC 2, with new characters, new stages, etc. It worked for Marvel/Capcom. That'll push back any M rated MK game at least 2-3 years.

MK_Red3585d ago

gamerosity, I hear you but the team said that the next MK is gonna indeed be an M rated one. I'm still worried though.

gamerosity3585d ago

I read the article where they made that statement. But if MK vs DC turns out to be a blockbuster, I just can't envision them not making another. I'd like to see a hardcore MK on the next gen as well, but they're going to chase the money. And when the well runs dry, they'll go back to their roots after we've been clamoring for it.

In a way, it makes perfect sense, get those younger gamers with this game (since they couldn't buy the others on their own), and then when they come of age, go back to the M rated version. They probably figure, us die-hards will just have to wait, we're not going anywhere anyway.

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predator3585d ago

I am starting to warm up to this