Bungie had non-Halo games that were 'set aside' under Microsoft

Destructoid writes: "In a recent interview with Variety's Cut-Scene blog, Bungie CEO Harold Ryan revealed that Bungie had several different non-Halo games in pre-production while under Microsoft Games Studios. These games were then 'set aside,' as the monolith publisher demanded more Halo resources from Bungie.

'We were always in pre-production and concepting future titles while developing current ones. With a small break, the studio was always moving onto one or two new games when shipping another. We had several internal game pitches that went to playable game prototypes that were non-Halo games and non-first person shooters. They either weren't compelling enough or the monster that was Halo needed all the resources, so they were set aside.'

Ryan then goes on to say that Microsoft only saw Bungie's continual Halo success translate into dollars, while Bungie saw Halo as "the baby of the studio." In fact, as Ryan points out, "it certainly wasn't our goal to make two more versions [of Halo.]" In another question he explains that the pressure to make more sequels was one of the key reasons why Bungie decided to seek its independence.

'[One] reason was the pressure to stick with Halo. We can still make Halo games and we still are working on Halo games. But there is more latitude for us to put our focus on other IP, other universes, other things. We wanted to get that push back where we could feel we're going to really lay it on the line and push to come up with the next best thing in entertainment. It feels better to do that as an indie.'

With all the news swirling around of late since Microsoft pulled Bungie's Halo reveal at E3, you have to wonder if those old wounds were substantially reopened. Ryan beat around the bush a little in the interview, but the way he presents the contrast what Microsoft and Bungie saw in Halo reeks of ill feelings. Hopefully whenever the trailer is finally revealed, everyone will shake hands and play nice again."

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LiquifiedArt3707d ago

This is why I DO NOT and WILL NOT EVER Support Microsoft's Game Division. I'm even on the fence about Windows as well. COME ON GOOGLE RELEASE AN OS! GOOGLE + SONY = SUCCESS

NO_PUDding3707d ago

Don't be silly, you sound like a fanboy.

I am just not that surprised. Halo is the only thing that kept Microsoft going. Atleats they ahve the IP, they can show their true colours as they abuse it.

Sony clearly doesn't have this problem. I knew PS3 woudl pull through, and that Sony had the right idea. They have awesome studios. I can't wait to see what company it is that they've acquired, that they will announce at Leipzig. I am not suggesting it's Bungie.

GiantEnemyCrab3706d ago

OOps. Didn't mean to click agree with either of your comments.

NO_Pud: Milking the franchise? They've released 3 Halo games in the span of 2 console generations. Milking??

gaffyh3706d ago

^ I think he's talking about all the otehr Halo games as well Halo Wars, Halo movie game (is that Halo Chronicles?), and also rumoured Halo 4. Also he could be talking about the very little increase in quality of graphics from Halo 2 -> 3, clearly shows that MS rushed the developers, cos we know that the 360 can do better (e.g. GeOW)

Tomdc3706d ago

its bad for microsoft in the end, doing stuff like that. Giving independence on such matters to studios builds trust between companies and most of the time produces better results.

callahan093706d ago

All I know is that... it's really time to give Halo a bit of a rest. H2 was basically just Halo with online multiplayer. H3 was basically H2 with more intriguing community features & support. I highly doubt that they'll get away with an H4 that doesn't do something to drastically differentiate it from the others in the series.

Oh, who am I kidding, it's got Halo in the title, it doesn't matter how boring it is, it'll still sell 5 million in the first month. But let it be known that I personally wish that Microsoft would lay off Halo and get Bungie to do some work on something else for a change. It's been too many long years since they've made a non-H game.

poopface13706d ago

but Bungie doesnt have anything to complain about. Ok so microsoft made them stop working on ONI 2 to make Halo 3 or something like that. It only made Bungie boat loads of money. Geez. Halo is a sure bet for them. Other games arent a guaranteed success.

Id like to see other Ips form Bungie but Id take anything Halo over any ONI like quality games. I was soo excited for ONI back in the day, then I played it, bleeehhhhh.

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DarkBlade3707d ago

HHHHMMMM Microsoft is really milking Halo. I hope it doesn't get underrated because truly i thought halo was a great game. But seeing to much and overhyping it was a diaster. i hope this one gets a casual release

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i_like_ff73706d ago

I was hoping that bungie would show their new ip...DAMMIT MS!

juuken3706d ago

Microsoft is really milking that cow. I kinda feel sorry for Bungie.

They don't seem like bad developers and yet their creativity is being hampered by a corporation who can't seem to come up with new IP's.

dachiefsman3706d ago

welcome back to civilized discussion.

Sony, MS, and Nintendo all milk IPs so essentially your argument fails.

juuken3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

But at least Sony has the balls to work on new IPs. I don't know about Nintendo, however.

Can you argue with that?

Can you?

Please, give me a list of new IPs for the 360.

And no need to welcome me back to civilized discussion because it seems that whenever I make a good point, my comments get deleted and I'm banned unfairly.

dachiefsman3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

The discussion was in regards to your comments on "milking". Sony has God of War, Final Fantasy, Socom, and MGS.

Nintendo has every mario, zelda, and metroid.

The problem is you act as though "milking" is a bad thing. Bungie is a good company who make solid AAA games. If they can come out with another solid "Halo", I can't wait to play it like GOWIII, MGS4, Socom confrontation, and Mario Galaxy.

It is a lot more fun to enjoy the games, than nit pick consoles.

juuken3706d ago

But should Microsoft bully Bungie into working on Halo? Bungie should be able to make their own choices in what games they should make. Microsoft shouldn't be pressuring them into making another Halo if they want to show off New IPs.

Think about it.

Superfragilistic3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

"But should Microsoft bully Bungie into working on Halo? Bungie should be able to make their own choices in what games they should make. Microsoft shouldn't be pressuring them into making another Halo if they want to show off New IPs."

MS had every right to tell Bungie what to do... Because Bungie was MS! MS owned it, so Bungie had to follow orders.

And as Bungie has acknowledged, being pushed by MS was largely a good thing, because the success of Halo 3 has ensured that now Bungie can be independently funded and have enough in the bank to pursue more of its own projects and new IP than it was ever previously capable of.

That's a win for Halo, a win for Bungie, and a win for gamers everywhere. :)

juuken3706d ago

But Super...shouldn't Microsoft allow Halo to rest for a while and let Bungie work on a new IP for once? I think that's only fair for them. They didn't sound too happy in that interview when I read it.

But if Microsoft must use Halo as their only IP to push, then so be it. If you guys want more Halo, then more Halo shall come.

dachiefsman3706d ago

If they sign a contract with MS, then they are obligated to honor it.

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