GameDaily Reviews: SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1

"Nintendo's Wii has already received its share of Neo-Geo games through its Virtual Console service. However, SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 offers a better deal. Rather than buying each game separately for 900 points ($9) a pop, you can throw down $30 and get 16 games.

Inside, this compilation has a little something for everyone. Adventure fans should enjoy Top Hunter and Magician Lord. Sports fanatics can swing for the fences in Baseball Stars 2 and score goals in Super Sidekicks 3. Fighting fans, on the other hand, should love pounding their knuckles into Fatal Fury, Art of Fighting and World Heroes. As for shooter fans, the pack comes stacked with Shock Troopers, Metal Slug and Last Resort. Other games including Neo Turf Masters, King of the Monsters, Samurai Showdown and the King of Fighters '94 are also available."

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