VentureBeat Q&A: Sony's worldwide game studio chief recalls the humble underdog years

VentureBeat Writes: "Earlier this year, SHU YOSHIDA became president of Sony's worldwide game development studios. He is a natural to lead that job since he ran the U.S. game studios before taking the worldwide job and was among the original Sony staff who helped get the PlayStation off the ground in the early 1990s. Ever since, he has been involved in making games for Sony. We caught up with Yoshida at the recent E3 conference in Los Angeles. He praised his rivals and talked about how Sony is an underdog again."

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for the good read . Now imagine if Nintendo didn't F over Sony ?

Kratos Spartan3707d ago

Gaming would be a whole lot different today.

Gaara_7243707d ago

he underdog its like rocky (sony is rocky) apolo (nintendo) cluber lang, tommy gun, and the russian (are m$) apolo attacks fast gets to many hits on you and youre out not alot of strenth but still anoth to hurt taking down after he loses stamina te rest extreme streanth but cant go the long run so there takin out after 2 maybe 3 years (10-last round in boxing) and the one left standing at the end is rocky

Montrealien3706d ago (Edited 3706d ago )

Apolo won in rocky...