Google testing "AdSense for Games" in bid to shake up in-game advertising

Google is the sleeping giant when it comes to advertising in video games. While the company dominates search advertising, it has yet to make a big splash in video games. That could change soon, as the company has been quietly testing its "AdSense for Games" product for months.

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DavidMacDougall3704d ago

They sound like fun, imagine your hiding behide a billboard in BF.BC that says "Dark Knight in cinemas now" that would crack me up

gtafan3704d ago

I don't care if they do. It will ad a little bit to real life IMO ofcourse.

FantasyStar3704d ago

you should be mindful of your words. Unless you want a Skate-esque'ed in-game advertising.

Armyless3704d ago

If if brings the price of games down, I'll put up with a little commercial here and there.

uie4rhig3704d ago

i agree... even if its a fiver, i don't mind ingame ads

dolomite3704d ago

As a gamer, as long as it doesn't conflict, obstruct, or annoy me during gaming, then i'm fine with it. As a marketer...i'm quite interested in learning more about this. There always money to be made...