Sega: 'We Don't Want To Be Activision'

Forbes: "The Sega Genesis console once had a rabid fan base. Simon Jeffrey, president of Sega of America, recalls a time--about 20 years ago--when Sega was cool and known for producing "edgy" content.

Now, like some awkward adolescent, Sega (other-otc: SEGNF.PK - news - people ) has been spurned by its old fans for churning out ill-received Sonic-branded games and kid-focused content.

After its Dreamcast console failed to chisel out a space for itself in the videogame marketplace, Sega bailed out of the hardware business in 2001 to focus on game publishing. It's been a battle ever since. While Sega's portfolio of Sonic games and licensed fare such as "Iron Man" may not resonate with the company's fans, the strategy has been paying off: Sega now is consistently among the top six publishers in terms of market share, which Jeffrey says is growing annually. And with a firm base to work off, Sega can finally focus on reinventing itself."

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peedie163641d ago

hopefully reinventing itself starts with Valkyria Chronicles from everything I've heard its a really good game

BlackIceJoe3641d ago

Nice Interview I really am rooting for Sega I have such fond memory's of the Genesis and Saturn as a kid. So I really want Sega to do well. Plus it is not in the Interview but things like working with Platinum games really is cool and should help Sega a lot.

robotnik3640d ago

ok now, sega, where's my shenmue 3?

Sharpshell3640d ago

I personaly never belived that Sega could survive the jump to software only, but they have worked hard to turn themselves around and its funny to see Devs like Blizzard and T2 become part of game-goliaths while Sega has the small scale operation... I too am looking foward to Valkaria Chronicles, its unique style reminds me of what Sega did with the Genesis (ie: Bonaza Bros and Comix Zone) and if the next couple of sonic games mange to hit the mark it might well be the long awaited return of Sega as we used to know it... but the industries pretty volitile right now so well see...