Little Big Planet: The Devs are watching you

During his keynote speech at Develop in Brighton today, Alex Evans from Media Molecule said that the Developers are constantly checking forums, blogs and press for peoples views on the game and implementing any ideas which stand out.

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dro3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

let us be able to create game characters like snake,kratos and others u might have license for.that will be the iceing on the cake!

marinelife93642d ago

To the developers. Ignore the levels that look like Super Mario Bros and Sonic the Hedgehog worlds. Telling the judge that there are so many craters you can't possibly police them all will hold up in court.

Freak of Nature3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

OK Alex Evans and all the rest of you wonderful MM devs....

Liguids,liquids,and more liguids many forms....

A (Space warps) add on in the create panel....."Gravity & WIND"... It sure would add lots of depth, and many "new possibilities" in gameplay!

An extra "tool bar" where you can provide some additional tools for mesh creation such as.......bend,taper,twist modifiers....

beveled edges would also be nice to some of the pre-set primitives...

Allow users to upload their own textures please,this is a major factor in even more unique looks within the game...

Love this game,it's my most anticipated game,even more so then Gears 2....

keops33642d ago

-A material solid in one direction but not in the other please that would be easy to do and very cool

keops33642d ago

and magnets lasers and an item to make sackboys biger or smaler

keops33642d ago

OOOOOO AND a option like fire ice etc... but called fragile and make the structures break when ruining across them

kydrice3642d ago

There already is fire and ice (when you touch something icy, sackboy freezes into an icecube which you have to shack the controller to break free) Bridges and stuff can be collapsible if you put a trigger switch in it to break.

Milky3642d ago (Edited 3642d ago )

Please add Dynamite to the game. You can move boxes of dynamite on to objects like bridges and walls and push down on the switch and watch it explode ! It could blow up walls and floors to unveil secret areas or shortcuts in a level. But there should be a limit to how much dynamite youcanuse in a level so people dont blow the whole place up.

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BigBaehr3642d ago

Well at least they are not like EA and give you the big "F you" business. This game is gonna be great.

TheExecutive3642d ago

please please look into the efficacy of making this game playable on the psp through remote play. I would love to be building levels at the dr.s office.

SolidSnake933642d ago

Its amazing that they are doing that because the game will own anyway, but they are still working hard to cater to the gamers, i'm not being a fanboy, but Reggie sit down and take some notes Miyamoto wants to cater to the hardcore gamers, but Nintendo doesn't let him now. Let Miyamoto make classics, we want Zelda, Kid Icarus, Yoshis Island and we know Miyamoto can do a good job making them, so Nintendo has to let him.

juuken3642d ago

I cannot wait for this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.