The PSN Card heading to the U.S

PS3 owners in the U.S have been clamoring for PSN cards since shortly after the system's launch. Now, finally, those precious cards are on the way.

This is an article from the September 08 issue of The Official Playstation Magazine.

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Overr8ed3702d ago

finalfickingly. too bad its not coming by August.

Winter47th3702d ago

They sure took their sweet little time with this one.

gaffyh3702d ago

I thought these cards were already out in the US, I've been waiting for these for a while in the UK. I can see them being very useful as gifts to under 16 ps3 owners (so they don't need a debit/credit card to buy stuff from PSN).

Pr3-M3d_G4M3R3702d ago

They need to make them in appropriate increments though, if a game is $19.99 its over $20 with tax, so that person would be out of luck. Hey I wonder if the government will charge tax on buying these, because if you pay tax on the card then tax on the game you're really paying double the tax you should be...Hmmm

PimpHandHappy3702d ago

i have bought stuff using these cards already! So much better then using a credit card!

I get them at a gas station by me...Im outside of Chicago in a small town call Joliet

ofx3603702d ago (Edited 3702d ago )

I've bought games from GT:prologe to PJM and I don't believe i've ever payed taxes. By the way I live in the US so it could be different elsewhere.

Hockey113702d ago

only some states have you pay tax. NY is one of them.

mfwahwah3702d ago

I live in Wood Dale and I'm having no luck finding these suckers >.<

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Wildarmsjecht3702d ago

In some places they are here. If they mean in every major outlet and even some stores that sell phone cards and such, then cool.

Delive3702d ago

I saw them in a speedway gas station with the phone cards. This was like 2 months ago.

solidt123702d ago

This is very strange, man I tell you that I saw these cards in Target last week.

Faztkiller3702d ago

yeah last week i was in line at speedway i saw one and i was like WTF?
so i bought one and got pjm, pain, and hvb haven't seen them any other places and i have been looking

buckethead_X3702d ago

How almost everyone says they're not here, but about 15% of everyone says they are. If they are indeed coming to big retail stores and such, it will be a very good thing for the PSN and my birthdays ^-^

thor3702d ago

I don't think it's that weird. They seem to have produced them in a limited quantity and so only a few stores are going to stock them. In most places you won't be able to find any unless you look really hard.

buckethead_X3702d ago

I thought if they wanted to put some in U.S. stores, they would have a greater supply in the stores. Oh well, maybe it was some kind of marketing strategy...

juuken3702d ago

Come to Gamestop and I will be very happy. :)


gamestop, eb games, this is the first time i heard of this what is it?

3702d ago
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