Riccitiello considers charging for Spore micro transactions

The launch of Will Wright's Spore is still over a month away, but EA's John Riccitiello is already considering whether consumers could be charged for extra content in the future.


Sorry, when creating the story I got the source and via links reversed.

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Tsalagi3642d ago

Let the micro-transaction rape begin.

Bleucrunch3642d ago

you said it best bro...EA are a bunch of crooks and we all need to become robin hood. I will never ever support EA until they stop being do money crazy.

kingme713642d ago

Better have fattened up Will Wright's bank account if Spore takes off like the Sims has.

Muddyalcapones3642d ago

EA (and I think I can safely speak for most everyone here)can go f*** themselves!

YoMeViet3642d ago

Yep, so true. Next thing we know, they'll be charging for CD keys for us to install.

Farsendor13642d ago

bad ideal ea people will hate ea even more if this goes through. in fairness if they can get good quality content released for a reasonable price then that would be understandable.

well its ea so doubt they will do anything that makes the customer happy ill say they sale a tree for a 1.00 or something crazy like that.

Baka-akaB3642d ago

Hum they are beyond caring weither you hate that or not . They just flood magazines with "we're not evil PR , but they dont actually cares that much .
Weither you want or not you gotta deal with EA games at some point , unless you're exclusively into jrpgs or fighting games , and even those will get focus from EA at some point .