Life with PlayStation a No-Show in 2.42

Kombo Writes: "Those hoping to see Life with PlayStation launch in this new firmware upgrade will be sorely disappointed. During E3, Jack Tretton boasted on stage that we would see Life with PlayStation launch by the end of July. Well, July is nearly over and we still don't have a weather station on our PS3. There's always the next firmware update."

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-EvoAnubis-3403d ago

You ever said that it would be apart of a fimware update?

mattkelly19913403d ago

wait wait wait. I want to know... those who disagreed with him, where did you see that it would be in an update. MAYBE YOU GUYS ARE GOLDFISH, Hello...

1. Folding At Home - Download
2. Warhawk Beta - Download
3. Home Beta - Download
4. Every other thing like this - GOING TO BE A FRICKEN DOWNLOAD

uie4rhig3403d ago

FFS.. how many times are people gonna post about 2.42?

ATLRoAcH3403d ago

...if "Life with PlayStation" will be in a firmware update but [email protected] was in a firmware update. You still had to download it to use it. When you try to go into [email protected] for the first time it prompts you to download it. It was in a firmware update though, that's a fact.

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AtlREMF3113403d ago

2.42 just updates the games/software so they run smoothly once the new update arrives. imo. Could be wrong, but that's just my guess.

MattyF3403d ago

Life with PlayStation would act like the Trophy update or the new PlayStation Store. It requires a fimrware update to activate such feature.

Fishy Fingers3403d ago

How do you know that? Do you even know what Life with Playstation entails? It could be a PSN download for all we know.

shine13963403d ago

if anything it'd be like the american video store. it was already in firmware but realeased when it was without a need for software download and locked to the USA. Just goes to show Sony Ps3 firmwares always have surprises locked into them. I'm just hoping a flash upgrade is in the works.

Overr8ed3403d ago

so, as long as it comes out.

apoc6153403d ago

Jack Tretton is known for being wrong with dates.

Marceles3403d ago

What??? It was a no-show?? That's it...I'm selling my PS3, stupid Sony...

/major sarcasm

Fishy Fingers3403d ago

Gary Oldman, Fifth Element. Love it!

mattkelly19913403d ago

seriously though. They need to calm down. July lasts till THURSDAY. What else usually comes on a thursday. EVERYTHING ELSE. God you guys are dumb.

Marceles3403d ago

Gary Oldman, The Professional :)

"Bring me everyone...."
"What do you mean ev...."

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