Latest EDGE has new details on Xbox 360's Avatars

The latest issue of Edge which should be hitting books stores and subscribers about nowish; has tons of new info on Microsoft's new Xbox experience. Focusing a good deal on it's new avatar system, MS dropped a few new nuggets on the new Home/Mii like system.

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gambare3670d ago

son una mierda y un robo como todo lo que hace microsoft

GiantEnemyCrab3670d ago

XMB = Media Center
Trophies = Achievements
SixAxis = Wiimote
HOME = Second Life
You = $ony kool-aid drinking dipsh!t

TheMART3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Even worse. They got the biggest PS 'exclusives' from other systems:

MGS on MSX first
Final Fantasy wasn't it on Nintendo?

PSN they ripped of from XBL

Lets get real. All companies copy from each other. The real question is: who will execute the thing best?

XBL is superior at the moment
360 has most (console) exclusive games on or over 9 out of 10 average review, most over 8 out of 10 average review
360 has the better controller
360 has 99% of the multiplats better version
360 has got most PS exclusives over to the platform and keeps the most exclusives

Home still is in closed beta after what 1.5 years after announced. Wii Avatars are here for some time and doing well I guess (don't know exactly). MS gets their system out with Avatars, question is: how good will it be

poopsack3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

pa que carajo yo quiero esas mierdas en en el dashboard, pa eso me compro un cabron wii puneta.

mira ustedes dos encima de mi mamemen las bolas.

Drekken3670d ago

Mart all of your statements is a matter of opinion. You know what they say about opinions...

I will take the DS3 over that big clunky pos you call supreme anyday. I will take the free comparable service anyday over a paid one. AND third - you are fat.

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GiantEnemyCrab3670d ago

First thing I do when I get this update is remove every last trace of an avatar. I don't want even 1 of those stupid things on my screen at any time. I'm hoping they have a way to completely disable them.

TheMART3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Yes, you can choose to stay with your gamerpicture and not use the avatars if you like.


A MS guy was interviewed and stated this. Can't remember if it was Major Nelson or the other dude.

LuvBurger3670d ago

I hope that you are right. I like the new interface, but this whole "Mii-like" avatar is not my thing

incogneato3670d ago

EDGE, the magazine that gives bad scores to great PS3 games, has exclusive Microsoft info... who would've thought?

Snoozer2823670d ago

EDGE is the most revered UK games publication. Heed it's words.

IzKyD13313670d ago

you like everything that has to do with the 360, if the microsoft were to introduce an update that lets you watch dogs taking sh!ts you would like it

Shroomy3670d ago

-”Home is uncanny valley, too realistic. Miis and Avatar’s are just right” - some Microsoft dude.

Gotta love competition! :p I guess that "Microsft dude" has a point there, but it comes to personal opinion I guess.

Superfragilistic3670d ago

Yeah, but I'm a bit disappointed about this:

"Lacks the features of Miis when it comes to face editing, makes up for it with everything else."

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