Develop 08: Traveller's Tales on making children cry

Presenting a session entitled "How to Make Children Cry" at the 2008 Develop Conference & Expo, Traveller's Tales development director Jonathan Smith highlighted some of the ways developers make games that aren't child-friendly, and how they used children to help develop the Lego series. One of the driving factors for the team's decision to develop Lego titles, according to Smith, was the unique feeling that is experienced when playing with Lego, coupled with a "passionate belief that play is intrinsically good," not just for children, but also parents and society in general.

Children, the key audience for Lego games, were integral to the development process from the start of the Lego Star Wars project. Focus groups were used to make sure the game was the right fit for children of all ages--even disgruntled teens, who were shown in a video during the seminar.

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