Crackdown 3 (Finally) Proves Why Microsoft Put Xbox One's Head in The Cloud

Dave Tach of Polygon gives his take on Microsoft Cloud Compute and his experience playing Crackdown 3.

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StrayaKNT1193d ago

"I spent maybe 15 minutes running around Crackdown 3's streets, blowing stuff up, using developer tools to fly above buildings, watching the destruction flow. At one point, while standing on top of a building probably 20 stories tall, I looked far into the distance and a skyscraper with a curved, cone-like top caught my eye. I aimed and fired, just to see if my shot would land. It did. I watched a tiny explosion plume miles away. I chuckled."

I cant wait for this game.

christocolus1193d ago

Nice. This game will make for some really fun moments in multiplayer.

StrayaKNT1193d ago

I will play single player to do some platforming and collect orbs, level up myself and my car and play the story. Then I'll play the multiplayer to destroy the whole city with my friends lol both will be just as fun can't wait.

Rookie_Monster1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I heard the 4 specialized on a dyed move engines of the XB1 were the key to make this cloud computing works. No wonder MS original vision was to have an always online system as they specifically built it to take advantage of their Live Compute servers. I don't think any other systems has the DME (data move engine) if I remembered correctly.

But, anyways, it sure sounds like a blast from this article. Can't wait for Crackdown.

pedrof931193d ago

I hope more and more games start using this. A huge win for MS.

Aenea1193d ago


You too man, you too? *shakes head*

Move engines weren't added to support Cloud Compute, they are for moving data to and from the 2 types of memory.

And you're right, the PS4 doesn't have these because they have a single type of memory so nothing needs to be moved anywhere...

People are sadly misinformed, there's one article that started this silliness, then another that used that info from the first article. Now many people are using those as proof while there are plenty of well written articles out there that actually know what they are talking about that shows otherwise...

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SquidBuck1193d ago

Physics on physics on physics. Yes this tech is cool, but doesn't story and gameplay trump physics any day of the week? I think so.

TheGreatGamer1193d ago

The 100% destruction everyone is getting hyped about is multiplayer only so your mentioning of story is invalid, and talking about gameplay, as long as it's anything like the original Crackdown (same guys making Crackdown 3 now) then it's nothing to worry about

SquidBuck1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I get that the destruction can play a part in the gameplay, I'm just tired of Xbox fanboys acting like this is the only console that can do this, because it's not. I'm very excited about this game. But I don't need hundreds of articles all stating the same things blocking out much better news. Overhyping is never good. Also I'm very tired, I'm not even going to re-read my comment for grammatical errors.

darkequitus1193d ago


At this very moment in time, it is the only console that can do this.

marlinfan101193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )


And xbox fans have been tired of certain fans of other consoles mocking cloud for the last 2 years. Seems that the tones have changed quite a bit since gamescom

beans1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

I agree it's a little much but it's truthful. Ironically due to a turn of events the PS4 is now holding back the X1. It's just funny and sad how bad X1 fans were ridiculed for years and as soon as Sony gets good news you can bet it fanboys will attack X1 once again with no shred of empathy! But now I suppose we shouldn't get excited because it's not right anymore. This tech will hopefully benefit everyone but you guys are sad to not see your own ways before coming in X1 articles trying to find new ways to hate.

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Volkama1193d ago

Physics can be a pretty big part of gameplay, no?

Barnaby-Jones1193d ago

Great physics can compliment gameplay pretty well.

quaneylfc1193d ago

At a time when the look of the games seems to be the main agenda of this generation, I'm ok with this physics engine "gimmick."
But i would say this IS a gameplay feature, online or not.

mozzie1193d ago

@SquidBuck We're not saying Xbox One is the only console that can do this in theory. But in reality it is. MS are the only ones pushing cloud gaming with cloud computing. Sony who bought Gaikai & OnLive and now Nvidia with Grid have a different understanding of Cloud Gaming. They stream their games while Crackdown does something completely different which no other console does at the moment. Not even the PC does it at the moment, because no one is risking and investing in this kind of technology right now. Of course MS could just port and release Crackdown 3 on PC but naturally they want to sell Xbox Ones. Bottom line is, Xbox Fanboys are right. No other console can do this at the moment. (Yes im speaking about your precious PS4) Because Sony doesn't have the balls nor the money to invest in something like that right now.

IamTylerDurden11193d ago

It looks like a fun little game, like Red Faction Guerrilla, but i'm surprised w/all that cloud power it still has kinda last gen graphics and player movement.

I'm surprised they don't use all that power to make a visually impressive game. Same goes for titanfall. These 2 "cloud" games are not pretty looking games, but i guess titanfall used cloud for the enemy ai and Crackdown uses it for destruction in multiplayer.

spicelicka1193d ago

It's 1.5 years from release...

kenmid1193d ago

The game was running on previous alpha

spicelicka1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

At this moment in time Xbox IS the only console that can do this. Don't be bitter, for the past 2 YEARS we've been hearing about how PS4 can do 1080p/60fps and Xbox can't (even though it can), so it's only fair to let these articles pour in.

In fact this is a lot more important than 1080p/60fps, because these physics actually change the gameplay.

No one is saying this tech is better than gameplay and story. Don't know why you're throwing that in there.

I don't have a problem with anyone praising this feature as long as people don't bash on other consoles, that's when it turns into a fanboy war.

user99502791193d ago

IMO, physics are one of the most important underlying factors in modern gaming. The opportunities for gameplay that physics enable have resulted in some of my favorite games. Mastering physics/destruction is massive.

Story? lol. I can take it or leave it. Taking down a skyscraper and having it land on my enemies sounds more appealing.

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remixx1161193d ago

Knowing my luck.........I'll trip and break both my arms when this game drops, I might as well not even be excited, I'm not gonna have any arms to play anyways.

Crackdown 3 has no consideration for people without internet connections or arms 4/10.

1193d ago
Volkama1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Personally my arms work well, but I will not be buying Crackdown because it is possible that some day I might not have working arms.

I will not support companies that try to sell me games I might not be able to play in 10 years time, should I be unfortunate enough to lose the use of my arms.

spicelicka1193d ago

lol i like how you've already prepared for broken arms.

Unreal011193d ago

Oh god, ANOTHER one of these articles haha. I mean come on, it's about 10 a day now.

ninsigma1193d ago

The 100% destruction is cool but I hope that if the game is successful that we don't end up all games doing that. I don't want to be playing halo 6 with 100% destructability, not sure it would suit it. Obviously it works for crackdown because that's how the game was designed. Hopefully we'll see other imaginitive uses of Cloud processing in other titles that suit each specific game.

beans1193d ago

Halo doesn't need full on destruction but why not? Also Halo physics have always been top notch so a cloud powered world would be great if you ask me. Things don't have to explode like nothing but I think this adds so much more depth to games.

ninsigma1193d ago

I don't mean don't use cloud at all. I just mean I don't want this one use to start cropping up in every xbox game. To me it just feels like a novelty for the crackdown mp because the mp has been designed for crazy destructive battles where everything blows up, which is cool, but I'd rather just good physics for games like halo than have 100% destructability. That's just me though. I'm all open for other cloud uses though!

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