Final Fantasy IX – Throwback Thursday

TDGS writes: It’s not uncommon for people to speak about songs, movies or books that have changed their life. Not many people mention a video game, at least not seriously, when referencing media that had such a profound impact on them that it altered the way they thought or saw the world afterwards.

Perhaps because video games are still just being accepted as a regular and normal hobby for adults. Many people still associate video games as something boys play as kids even though the average gamer is 30 with 47% being female. The average age of the frequent game buyer is 35. This is according to a google search which pulled data from a study done by G4TV.

I mention all that because I view video games the same way I view any media and just like TV, Movies and Music they too can reach out a captivate someone in a meaningful way. Today I am going to talk about my experience back in the early 2000s when I finally played through Final Fantasy IX.

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Epicor1194d ago

FFIX best game period

3-4-51194d ago

Never played...waiting for the Remake.

Ravenheartzero1194d ago

My favourite game of all time. Classic.

SuperLupe1194d ago

Same here. Marked me for life.

Epicor1194d ago

Same here as well. Characters, music, locations, mini games, story. All these combined created the most engaging game with the true final fantasy feel in it. For me this single game represents what final fantasy is all about. It's sad that the newer games in the series have lost the magic (ffx had it moments, ffxii was utterly aweful and xiii wasn't any better).

1194d ago
DiscoKid1194d ago

Real shame this game released near the end of the PS1 cycle. Didn't get all the attention it deserved.

343_Guilty_Spark1194d ago

The definitive entry in the modern series.

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The story is too old to be commented.