Are Hardcore Gamers Buying the Nintendo Wii? writes: I consider myself to be a hardcore gamer. I'm currently playing the PS3, Xbox 360 and PSP with a touch of PC gaming to keep things spicy. It's well documented that the Nintendo Wii no longer caters to the traditional hardcore gamers that have made it so successful in the past and the most recent Nintendo press conference at E3 did nothing to win the hearts and minds of the Nintendo faithful. We all know that the Wii is being snatched up by casual gamers who like to have a gaming system around that is easy to learn and increasingly trendy. Sure Wii Sports can be fun - if you are drinking with your friends or trying to show Mom and Dad that games aren't intimidating and overly violent. However, I still can't bring myself to buy one. The graphics leave much to be desired, the games offered are almost laughable in their immaturity and the only carrot that Nintendo has dangled for the hardcore is an casual remark that Mario and Zelda games are in development. Well no kidding.

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Real gamer 4 life3708d ago

Yes they are. Why? because its cheap.

ChickeyCantor3708d ago

Holy sh/t people still go with ' because its cheap ' ?
In what time period did you freeze?

LossTheEarthbreaker3708d ago

Hardcore gamers who bought the system are trying to sell theirs right now or have put it away or it and its controllers are gathering dust.

One of the three.

The hardcore have nothing to play on it solo. There are few other games that become enjoyable to the hardcore in either online or local multiplayer.

Nintendo has focused on bringing more people into gaming, thus the casual gamer, this generation. There's really nothing to have a Wii for as a hardcore gamer, other than awesome ports of RE4 and Okami, Zelda if you even care, Metroid if you even care, and I'll be grateful to anyone who can give me another reason to keep holding on to my Wii.

DarK-SilV3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

No but they might buy it just for 1 or 2 games then what? Sell it or leave it collecting dust or give it to the kids
I've never bought any Nintendo consoles, and I don’t think I will do

beardtm3708d ago

I would call myself a hardcore gamer, been gaming for absolutely years now.

I have all the current consoles and handhelds, as well as a decent gaming PC.

Although I have bought a Wii, mostly for Mario and Zelda games, I hardly ever play it anymore, mostly due in part to it a) not actually having games with any substance to them and b) the fact its not HD.

In fact, I could easily live with just my 360 this generation.

Fototherapist3708d ago

and then selling it because the games are boring and too cutesy.

Odiah3708d ago

Ermmm, I'm pretty darn hardcore. My console is a wii and I play it all the time, I don't really appreciate it when people tell me my controllers are supposedly gathering dust. They're getting worn to the coreeee.

Plus, do we really have less hardcore games then we did on gamecube? =|
This set of games is better aswell.
All I need now is a new F-Zero, a sequel to Eternal Darkness and a stuffed crust pizza.

I do kind of wish I had an Xbox though sometimes, don't get me wrong I love my Nintendo fanchises alot more but there are certain games I want to play i.e. GTA, and Resi 5 but we may even be getting versions of those soon so meh.

Tomdc3708d ago

id consider myself a mix between casual and hardcore... Cascore!! I love the wii, there are some aspects about it that annoy me but meh its great fun when friends are round, I don't really play it single player tho... ever... thts wat my PS3 is for =P

Genesis53708d ago

The only game I'm even slightly interested in is Fatal Frame 4. But I don't think I'll buy one for one game.

somethingSQUISHY3707d ago

No More Heroes. And I, for one, really enjoyed Super Mario Galaxy. However, despite the scattered decent game here and there, I have only invested time with the machine at friends' places. I do not require one for myself. Besides, not that I would call myself a hardcore gamer, but it's pretty obvious Nintendo doesn't give a rats arse about heritage gamers in general, so why would you want to support their machine which seems to cater only to under-8 crowd??

Bloodwar3707d ago

I agree that they are selling it soon enough or it is collecting dust. Seriously. I was over at my friends house who were so stoked that they bought a 42 inch HD TV and they had a PS3 and a Wii connected to the television. We were playing Wii.

I wanted to play Resistance and Burnout Paradise, you know; games that really show what a High Definition television is capable of. Party game? I played Wii boxing once. Once! What the hell are people getting excited about this Wii character with disconnected ball shapped appendages that are supposed to be arms. The Wii experience on Wii Sports (I presume that was the game I was playing) was rather bland. Some of the other games on it were golf and bowling. Those were the games the partiers wanted to play. Bowling was half fun. Golf was okay, but wow, I don't know what is so exciting about Wii. There is NO Wow factor in it at all.

I'll admit I am a hardcore gamer straight to my very core, my heart, my soul. Doesn't make me a bad person for having certain tastes. If i was to buy a Wii, it would be for a small handful of games and at the moment, I have not a clue what games they would be. Yeah Nintendo can sell tens of millions of game systems and with this economy, it would be lucky to break 100 million consoles sold, but Nintendo needs to sell the software too... right? Or am I wrong? I own an Xbox (153 games for that console owned) and an Xbox 360 (37 games owned for that one) and I bought a PS2 recently used and own just over 20 games for that console. I don't see any game the the Wii has that this hardcore gamer can justify buying that console. So there you have it. I will invest thousands of dollars into a console, if the console has a worthy library. Nintendo doesn't have that with this generation of gaming consoles, and it will be a hard sell next gen for Nintendo to even wish that they might convince me to buy the Wii 2.

And yes, I will own a PS3 soon enough. I believe March 2009, I will be buying my console for that is the month I think God of War 3 comes out and many games will follow. In that one month I will own over 10 games for the PS3. Why? Because I am a hardcore gamer and I am proud to say it.

Thats my 2 cents.

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PwnShop3708d ago

Nope where i live, in Indonesia they sell for roughly the equivalent of 500 to 550 dollars.

ape0073708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

zelda,metroid and super mario galaxy

no more heros,smash,kart

that's it ,other than that

it's full of sh!tty,kiddy,casuel,crappy,wor thless uninspired and a total waste of money,oil and electrecity

I hope the next zelda,mario or metroid won't turn casuel or am done with nintendo


ChickeyCantor3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

You know so little about the library.

Also money speeks right =) XD

And those game wont go " casual ".
(btw what is a casual mario game?...explain)

ape0073708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

let me tell you

casual mario means it don't have multiple levels,challenges,collectables .unlock more levels,excellent level design,I mean the hardcore stuff that make you play it over and over again

am afraid the whole game becomes,mario playing with dogs,mario love spraying water,mario loves drawing,mario loves to chat with you and a lot of stupid minigames without the epic worlds and gameplay ideas featured in the awesome super mario galaxy(one of the best games of all time IMHO)

am afraid truly

poopsack3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

inform us sidar, whats in the wii library that justifies a purchase for the hardcore besides mario, zelda, metroid and the upcoming madworld and conduit.

Edit: Cool brothernick but I need to clarify: a hardcore experience that you cant get better on the other consoles.

BrotherNick3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Most of us fans are waiting for madworld, the conduit (Online Multiplayer), deadly creatures, call of duty 5(has multiplayer online), Animal Crossing, Rygar, Sam &Max, De Blob, Guitar hero world tour, Fatal Frame 4 and Tenchu 4, Dead Rising, RE5 too if that rumor is true. What we have right now to play is Mario, Zelda, Metroid, SSBB Medal of Honor 2 Heroes, Zack and Wiki, Boom Blox, Blast works, GHIII, .Geometry Wars, and A crapload of VC games.

Edit:Cool KnaveX but I need to clarify: a hardcore experience that you can get better on the other consoles if you have a PC for shooters.

ape0073708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

"and those games won't go casuel"

I here you my friend but I sayed that,cause both zelda and metroid did'nt sell well(zelda didn't sell well in japan)

and take a look at wii fit sales and just see when wii sports resort releases(mark my words it will sell millions)


sell millions without breaking a sweat

or sell less while you get tired of making it the best of the best

I think nintendo will take the easier door

BrotherNick3708d ago

I don't know how long they'll be able to keep up the casual ideas...they need some steadier revenue which mario, metroid and zelda can offer. It's called diversification, that's what you do when you invest...take some gambles, and keep some steady long term investments. You obviously don't get it.

LossTheEarthbreaker3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Mario is extremely casual-friendly, except on very few levels that aren't necessary for completion.

Proof is my friend Maeia, who is 22 and only plays Mario Galaxy as far as video games. The only game she played before this was New Super Mario Bros. on the DS that I sold (because of how crappy the library is).

Who the hell cares about Medal of Honor 2 Heroes, Zack & Wiki, and Blast Works by the way? I know no one who owns this.

Secondly, Brothernick, Tenchu has been dead a while and will come out on other consoles and Guitar Hero is far from a core game and is also on other consoles.

@ sidar below me:

Yes, crappy DS library. It's getting worse the longer its out, too, because of the extreme lack of titles being developed and released for it, regardless of its huge userbase. The PSP is having (and has, in the matters of its library) similar problems. It's worse than the Wii's; maybe almost equal. I enjoyed Phoenix Wright and the Castlevania titles. Can you suggest more to me? I didn't enjoy Phantom Hourglass and New Super Mario Bros. was hardly enjoyable beyond a playthrough.

(If the library is as non-crappy as you claim, I've named very few titles on DS and you should be able to name plenty that are enjoyable)

Brothernick basically posted every title coming out on the Wii. I know very few people who are looking forward to Deadly Creatures, for example.

De Blob looks interesting, but the Conduit doesn't interest me at all. Online multiplayer for FPS on the Wii. Wow. Big f'ing whoop. Way behind, Nintendo. Guaranteed everything about the online component is a big pain in the ass (and lacking in many features many of us are used to), similar to current titles that have online multiplayer on Wii.

Fatal Frame 4 is a gigantic maybe. I bet it sells terribly because of the huge amount of casual gamers who own the Wii. Fatal Frame hasn't sold particularly well in the past on any console, anyway. There's a very small percentage of gamers interested in this title.

Similarly, Dead Rising is a remake of the 360 title released 2 years ago. The only people who would be interested have likely already played or even own the title on 360 and don't give a flying pig's crap.

ChickeyCantor3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

Lol at kaveX,
Your comment only showed your own ignorcane, and after Brothernick replied you just had to say something trying to put it back in the "shadows".


Crappy DS are kidding right?......

"zelda didn't sell well in japan"
It actually never did that great since the N64.

edit edit:
To think such thing is just stupid, Mario as its suppose to be( a platformer) will never change in such nonsense.

That does not matter, i was only going on about what Ape said, and he was bashing the library while its not only filled with casual stuff.

Ds library worse than Wii's?
How can i take you serious ? XD

How can i suggest any if you basically hate most games out there?

ape0073708d ago

guys mario is a game that suits nearly everyone

hardcore,casuel,kids,women,ad ult

it's a fantastic game

but then again it's mainly for hardcore gamers

BrotherNick3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

haha, that is true, but actual mario games will be a safe bet. I didn't say it wasn't casual.

poopsack3708d ago

Im ignorant? Thats quite ironic, because by saying im ignorant your insinuating that PS360 versions of multi plat games arent better then wii versions. Why did you just try to escape my entire conversation by flipping it into lol look at what you did. You know what I lol at? You questioning others but cant back up the stuff you talk. You wanna talk about shadows? Why did you go hide when I called you out and waited to answer only after brothernick came into the picture huh? Your superior intellect can surely take on this ignorant fool.

ChickeyCantor3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

" Im ignorant? Thats quite ironic, because by saying im ignorant your insinuating that PS360 versions of multi plat games arent better then wii versions. "

No sorry not all.

you are such a joke.
Brothernick did not jump in for me he just replied quicker than me.
I dont have a F*cking machine telling me that you replied on my comment.

such joke you are.
And you dare talking about intelligence.

Edit: =/.

Edit edit:
Thats your defense? Telling me i should calm down?

Lets try again then<sh/ts removed>.

poopsack3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

you say that the wii isnt for 4 year olds but you had a tantrum all over the keyboard. calm down its a toy for christs sake.

Edit: take it however you want, I need no defense cause im in no battle.

N4g_null3708d ago

@KnaveX If the Wii is a toy then the HD console are just media PC playing console games that would run better on a PC.

Partly why I like the Wii and lots of other is because I'm not 20 years old. I like the arcade shooters and I still enjoy beating games like battle toads and super ghouls and ghost.

The reason why I think the Wii is hardcore is because of games like excite truck. That game was no push over and neither was metroid. I'm betting most people posting here couldn't even get to the sky city there.

To me nothing is more hardcore than the VC library on the Wii right now. No amount of remakes will make up for the sheer amount of games I didn't get to play or wanted to beat. Then on top of that the controls improved aiming for FPS on consoles. This is a big deal if you are a hardcore FPS player on the PC. On top of all of that the Wii simply has more variety on it. I mean will there ever be a sim city on an HD console? That may not be a big game to you but that is not casual at all.

Just the way you guys feel nintendo has forgotten you we feel as though the HD market has totally forgotten the hardcore gamers that owned an NES and loved the lynx and game gear. If you look at gaming now it has nothing to do with the old arcades of the past. To me that's the sign of the times.

Another thing is most hardcore gamers won't play Wii games for the same reason they are afraid to be in the same room as gay men. They feel as though their man hood will be attacked. Kids are the life blood of gaming. Teens are the milking grounds of gaming and any one over 18 gaming really is looked down on. So if you can say you got your system because you like expensive things then that makes you cool again.

Some times I wonder are the games really cool or is it people wanting to be cool because of their games? The Wii is operating off the same thing yet more people think it is cooler than shader effects trying to be realistic while all they wanted was a challenge that did not require and credit card payment.

I mean there are a lot of people buying Wii games. Hardcore are no more loyal to gaming than the casuals. How dare I say that right? Well if they where so loyal to their games then why are there so many used PS3, and 360 systems out there along with all of the games. I mean i could get GTA4 used a week or two after it came out? I would think you would see way more Wii sports on the shelf?

If you claim you trade them in for store credit then you are officially a moron. $20-$10 for a $60 game? It's that very mentality that will cause HD gaming to collapse in the console market.

Hey but bash the Wii all you want you think it's not for you. We all understand that and nintendo does not like you. I would like a sequel to einhander but you won't see me crying to sony or square about it. Most people that like the Wii understand you guys also. It's like trying to get a jock to play zelda 1or2. Maybe gaming or console gaming isn't for you? I don't see lots of happy HD gamers out there you spend more time fighting each other than playing games.

somethingSQUISHY3707d ago

Are you a commenter funded by Nintendo? If you think the Wii has more variety, that's just not true. Here's what the Wii has: good games (a few) and trash games (LOADS). Oh, and if the fact that you can download 20 year old games on the Virtual Console is enough to lend "hardcore" credibility to a console, I must have missed the memo...

PistolPumptMonk3707d ago

You see Scissor Runner, since you are NOT 18+, you obviously don't understand what its like to be there.

I'm 20 years old, and I just walked into Wal-Mart and bought Final Fantasy IV on DS. Did I do that to look cool???

I just want you to keep this in mind, in a few months I'm going to stroll into whatever store I feel like, request a copy of LittleBigPlanet, and buy it WITH PRIDE. Now if I was buying games just to be cool, why would I want to go and get a game like that? Wouldn't I be better off just waiting until God of War 3 comes out?

Maybe since we are older, we are wiser and understand what makes some games better than others. I understand a lot of games seem amazing when you are young and haven't really experienced the intricacies of video games. Heck I thought Tomb Raider III was the best game ever when I was young. I still think its awesome but looking back, it is obviously a lot more flawed then I thought.

But we don't buy games because we want to be cool, we buy them because they are awesome, fun, and challenging. You know, like Wii Music..... (sarcasm)

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juuken3708d ago


It's a cool system to get into.

SaiyanFury3708d ago

We have one in our house, but it belongs to my wife, not to me. There's nothing on the system I'm even remotely interested in.

ChickeyCantor3708d ago

Why do people say : it belongs to my girlfriend/wife.
Just admit it you got got it, its yours.

SaiyanFury3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I say "it belongs to my wife" because she is the one that went out and looked for it and payed for it. She is the only person here that plays it. I had nothing to do with the purchase of the Wii console in our household. In posting to me, please leave your love of the Wii at the door. I don't like the Wii, and trying to convince yourself otherwise won't change things.

poopsack3708d ago

Why cant he say its his wifes? Do you live with the guy? Why must you monitor everyones comment in a wii topic?

Fototherapist3708d ago

your comments get increasingly irritating. They seem to be purposely antagonistic and incendiary. Do you have any point that you're trying to make?

ChameleonX3708d ago

I would have to agree. It seems the only things he seems to post are arguments defending the Wii...

PistolPumptMonk3708d ago

Whats wrong Sidar? Uncomfortable with playing a console designed for woman?

Are you... *gasp* sexist?


Homicide3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

I was going to buy one, but after Nintendo E3's lame conference, I decided to not get one. There are only 2 games that interest me. Brawl and Galaxy. I could play Melee instead (it's way better than Brawl). Online is a joke and I'm still waiting for some games that interest me on that system. I don't want to play WiiFit, Wii Music, Wii Play and any other Wii sh*t that Nintendo might announce. I want a Wii Zelda, not a port of one. This is probably the only Nintendo console that dissappointed me and the one that I won't own.

N4g_null3708d ago

Ahh every one is ganging up on sidar how cheap. Really it proof of the fact that the guy is trying pretty hard not to like the system. If his wife bought a new 50 inch HDTV it would not be hers. He even admits he will not even touch it as though it is inferior because his wife bought it. I'm just pointing out his tone. No need to get all fussy about it. No one can question your manhood but your self.

Besides the point If my girl friend got one I would be over there kicking her a$$ in some soul calibur since that is her favorite game because she likes the clothing designs. So I wonder who is getting soul calibur 4 now? I mean that game actually has one of the gayest blind guys ever in it LOL. I don't have a problem with that because I'm not afraid of being called a child for still playing games and plus to more adults play the Wii any way from the looks of it. So I would say the other systems are lacking in maturity.

If you are really into gaming then I'm sure you haven't play all the games on the VC and most can not be found or emulated correctly.
Lots of you guys claim to be old school or really into gaming but most of you don't even know about games like rolling thunder, shadow dancer and what not. Why do you think the industry is in such a sequel mood? No one is showing the games of the past any love! How is that hardcore?

rockleex3707d ago


You sound like a feminist trying to spin anything men do to make it sound as if it oppresses women.

How did he in anyway hint that the Wii is inferior JUST BECAUSE OF THE FACT that his wife bought it? That's just so ridiculous I shouldn't even reply to you right now.

My brother bought a 360. I'm not interested in it, so I never touched it. Does that mean I think its inferior just because my brother's the one who bought it? Hell to the no.

By the way, my other brother bought us an HDTV awhile back. I never once claimed it was mine.

You seem to think everyone in this world is in denial just because they are not interested in what the Wii has to offer.

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