What is a narrative game?

Malvasia Bianca Writes: "In response to my earlier post on puzzles in narrative games, a couple of the commenters noted that contrasting the puzzles in Professor Layton with those in Grim Fandango isn't fair, because the puzzles in the former game aren't integrated into the game world in the the same way as puzzles in the latter one are. I wouldn't go so far as to say, as Daniel did, that Layton isn't a narrative game at all - we're not talking Picross here - but it clearly isn't as far on the narrative end of the continuum as Grim Fandango is.

But, thinking about it some more, something is still bothering me. I was responding to a forum post containing the sentence "Has shooting replaced puzzle-solving as the 'gameplay' aspect in narrative games?" So, rather than sticking within the context of games with lots of puzzles, what are narrative games like outside of that genre, and how does their direct gameplay (or "interaction", to borrow Iroquois' term) fit in with that?"

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