Rocket League content update is out now

Rocket League Patch 1.04 is out now, to everybody's surprise. Also, an official release date for Supersonic Fury was announced.

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Jubez1871192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I was under the impression that when they made 3v3 pre-made ranked that meant PREMADE VS PREMADE. However, no solo players have to go in and face 3-man premades. Not a good design choice.

EDIT: wait I may be wrong, not sure yet.

EDIT: apparently it tries to make solo games if you queue solo and tries to make premade if you chose premades. I guess that's a little better but kinda upsets the integrity of the ladder.

JMaine5181192d ago

Loving the new utopia map. They also added a new demolition animation and a new goal sound for the map.

Name Last Name1191d ago

Nice. They added my country's flag.

ShottyGibs1191d ago

Great stuff! Love this game