XBLA: 'Braid' to Cost 1200 MS Points, 'Castle Crashers' to Cost 1,800 Points?

Four Japanese websites are now saying that two titles in the upcoming "Summer Of Arcade", 'Castle Crashers' and 'Braid', will be costing a little more than the usual XBLA title.


An update at ShackNews has confirmed the following:

"Microsoft has informed Shacknews that the reported $22.50 price point for Castle Crashers and $15 Braid price, believed to stem from a now-removed Microsoft Japan listing, are incorrect for both domestic and international markets.

The company further noted that it will officially announce price points for those titles on the Monday preceding Braid and Castle Crashers' respective release dates, or August 4 and 25."

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InMyOpinion3702d ago

If so that sucks bigtime. Those are the two XBLA titles I'm looking forward to the most. Bet they will be good though.

callahan093702d ago

I'm definitely looking forward to Braid. I am not a big Behemoth fan, and I thought that Alien Homonid was over-rated, so I have really no interest in Castle Crashers. But Braid looks awesome. I can't imagine CC being worth that price, but Braid may be! I'm glad Braid is the cheaper one.

gaffyh3701d ago

So 1200 Points is ~$15 and 1800 points is ~$22.50, not really worth it IMO, cos if you look at Ratchet Quest for Booty, it is $15 and I think Wipeout HD might cost a similar amount (maybe a little more).

I haven't ever gone on XBL (cos my 360 is not connected to internet) but i expected all the games to be 800 points or less. Dunno if people who were thinking of buying this game on XBL see the price as a boundary?

Dark_Vendetta3701d ago

Damn after finishing Alien Hominid I was really looking forward to castle crasher, but if the prize tag is legit I won't buy it

callahan093701d ago

15 for Braid seems like a fair price to me. From what I've read about the game (on Jason Rohrer's blog, for example) it's a very deep game with a worthwhile tale to tell and packs in at least a few hours of gameplay. Exactly the same set of qualities applies to Ratchet & Clank Quest For Booty, also at a 15 dollar price point. Seems fair to me.

I'm guessing that Wipeout HD is going to be about 30, though. That's what is being charged for Koei's Fatal Inertia for the PSN, and Wipeout HD will probably be a more critically acclaimed game that they can get away with charging at least that amount for (perhaps even 40 dollars, like they did with GT5 Prologue).

But Castle Crashers looks a bit too shallow for my blood, at least at over 20 bucks. I somehow don't see it being worth that, but I'll reserve my judgment until I play the trial.

Nevers3701d ago


... tho they could still pull a fast one on us... lol/cry

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Relcom3702d ago

1200 points is what 15$? thats not bad but i think it is dumb to charge more for this.

Braid does look pretty good though, 2D platformers FTW

dachiefsman3702d ago

for me it depends on gameplay and length. If these games take 2 hours, then no way. Hopefully they have some depth and longevity.

outlawlife3701d ago

castle crashers may be worth it...seems like a big ganme with many characters/weapons/unlockables and what not from what the site says

but i'll wait and see...i highly doubt they will go over 1200 for an arcade game since and xbox original is only 1200

Bnet3433701d ago

Penny Arcade was 1600. and 1800 points is over $20. Damn I thought Castle Crashers would be $10, damn it oh well I am not wasting that much

GiantEnemyCrab3701d ago

Agreed! 800 points is where I draw the line on any downloadable titles.

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