Why So Serious About "Dark Knight" Game Tie-In?

Brutal Gamer writes:

The actor Gary Oldman recently revealed that he had seen footage of an upcoming game tie-in of "The Dark Knight", the latest film in the Christopher Nolan rebooted series.

Oldman, who plays the role of James Gordon in the film (later, more famously known as Commissioner Gordon) made the comments in an interview regarding the games cinematic approach - much like the recent Jason Bourne game.

But does the game exist?

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ChickeyCantor3670d ago

99% that this game will suck.
The movie is so [email protected] it does not deserve such nonsense.

Ice2ms3670d ago

nooooooooooooooooooooooo please don't it's a good movie it doesn't need a crappy game to bring down the image ='[

games4fun3670d ago

was too good and complete to make a game out of it, everything was perfect i left the movie theatre with a sense of satisfaction, adding a game on top of it ruins that feeling

butterfinger3670d ago

I hope they change the title to just "Batman" or something and don't try to tie this in with the movie at all. We could use a really good Batman game, but we won't get one if it is a movie tie-in. See: Iron Man. lol

Caxtus7503670d ago

Yeah or at the very least:

Batman: A Dark Knight

In my opinion it will likely be an original story within the Nolan universe.

Nevers3670d ago

just not a direct movie tie-in... I like that.

Nevers3670d ago

but I really really want a Batman sandbox game, in the vein of Predator: Concrete Jungle crossed with GTA/Crackdown'ish... just a dream I have.

I remember the NES Batman (Keaton/Nicholson) and it wasn't bad for it's time (unlike today's movie drivel) and I also remember being sooooooo disappointed I had to buy that instead of SuperMarioBro3... lol.

Caxtus7503670d ago

yeah - even if the game was like the Spiderman 3 game I would still buy it. I am not a big fan of the Lego franchise and therefore I want a serious Batman game. (As long as it was a bit good - bad grammar).

Nevers3670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

I should like the Lego series' more than I do, but it just seems too slow in the gameplay for my tastes. I really wanna play em' for their humor, but, alas... there's way too many games that take priority.

and yeah Spidey 2 totally owned Spidey 3...

Ice2ms3670d ago

"Yeah... a serious Batman game, totally"

Why So Serious? sorry just had to :P

Caxtus7503670d ago (Edited 3670d ago )

Couldn't agree more!

The Lego series just doesn't do it for me. Personally I find it a bit repetitive and boring but loads of people like it so I am guessing it's my problem lol.

Anyway, Hope you liked the article :)

EDIT: @5.3 haha no I know what you mean. I couldn't resist calling my article that :P

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