Fancy Pimping your PS4? The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Check out some of these alternative and slightly odd looking skin sticker faceplates for your PS4.

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SmokingMonkey1195d ago

Ah Console Skins, the 'Rims' of the Video Game World.

LackTrue4K1195d ago

the Atari and the PS1 look good...but with all skins, there only temporary.

uth111195d ago

I love the Atari 2600 and the PS1 ones. But I'd never buy one myself.

bradleejones1195d ago

The orange and black one looks cool. Not that I would get one...

1195d ago
TeamLeaptrade1195d ago

I remember I took a sharpie to the Xbox 360 faceplate back in the day. I'm not too into the whole skin thing to be honest, but if it's the right skin, I would probably go for it. I do like that PS1 skin though, reminds of the good old times.

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