EA's 'Spore' a week from being finished (CNET Preview)

After more than three years of anticipation, Spore is almost finished.

Electronic Arts' evolution game, from legendary designer Will Wright's Maxis studio, is about a week from going "gold," CNET was told Tuesday by Thomas Vu, a producer on the game who gave them a demo Tuesday morning. Going gold, of course, means the game is about to be sent to manufacturing. EA has said that Spore will launch September 7.

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Snoozer2823764d ago

It's fantastic news, I seriously cannot wait for this title.

wibble3764d ago

I can't wait for Spore 2. It's gonna make Spore 1 look crap. Does anybody know the Spore 2 release date yet?

Tony240ZT3764d ago

Fall 2012, but it will be delayed to Spring 2015