Ronda Rousey a Huge World of Warcraft, Pokemon Fan

Speaking to fans in a live online chat, Rousey revealed some of her geek-interests

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Digital_Anomaly1194d ago

I fear what this comment section could turn into here....

DarkBlood1194d ago

Well its been 32 minutes so far nothing yet lol

Digital_Anomaly1194d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

Haha, surprising really. I hate to be the one to point it out but I have seen some straight misogynistic bullshit up in these comment sections before! Lol

Dare I say, get this to 50 degrees and watch it roll in?

kcuthbertson1193d ago

@ Mr bubbles

So you would fight her? I sure as hell wouldn't... I have zero shame in saying she would kick my ass six ways to Sunday.

Dasteru1192d ago


I would but i am 6'1 285lbs with 4 years of Judo experience. She is only 5'7 135lbs.

As good a fighter as she is, it is highly unlikely she would be able to handle someone my size that also has fighting experience. Simple physics.

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xX_Altair_Xx1193d ago

Well, if you insist...

I hate female UFC fighters who like Warcraft and Pokemon! Get them back to the kitchen etc, etc.../

Digital_Anomaly1193d ago

Lol, for the record I'm very happy to be proven wrong!

generalwinter1193d ago

Isn't she going to be in the UFC game too?

DxTrixterz1193d ago

What UFC game? Last UFC game was EA Sports UFC and she was in it.

Skankinruby1193d ago

This chick is red hot in public view right now. I wish she would knock out Mayweather then she'd be a goddess

SteamPowered1193d ago

There is ZERO chance of that. Ronda has great stand-up against an 18-1 underdog. If she actually fought a striker with decent movement, she wouldnt do so hot.

Fighters fall right into Ronda's strengths: they throw sweeping haymakers and Rousey gets the clinch. Rousey is an animal in the clinch, but on the outside, her boxing is Terrible.

If you watch Mayweather box, he is no slouch in the clinch either. Mayweather knows how to keep distance with his elbows on the inside, and he has great hip movement for a boxer.

Bimkoblerutso1193d ago

I think you're on the wrong site.

moomoo3191193d ago

Thats the exact opposite of what rousey did. she put her hand in bethes' face, then tee'd off on her with a nasty combo, let bethe initiate the clinch, then kneed her and KO'd her into a faceplant. Off topic from article but you talkin reckless lol

1193d ago
scark921193d ago

Rousey used Armbar! Its Super Effective!

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