Scalebound Inspired By Old-School RPGs, Kamiya Didn't Play Many Recent Ones

Kamiya's Scalebound will be inspired mainly by old-school roleplaying games. He admitted he didn't play a lot of recent RPGs.

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kaiserfranz1192d ago

This game looks fantastic, though I wish I could play it on my PC with enhanced graphics.

TheGreatGamer1192d ago

Yeah this game is going to suck without dem 'enhanced graphics' /s

Imp0ssibl31192d ago

Surely not, but I will still wonder how it would have looked in 4K with high resolution textures and all the bells and whistles.

I guess that's one of the downsides of being a PC gamer.

DevilOgreFish1192d ago

The game looks plenty beautiful as it is. As I said it before, UE4 is like miracle sauce, it makes everything nice.

Sonyslave31192d ago

Well According to steam survey majority of pc gamer don't even have a strong gaming pc .

Ashlen1192d ago

Steam supports a wider variety of games. And many Laptops which are capable of outputting at 1080p just have monitors that don't support that resolution.

That said I bet if you were to narrow that down to only people who have bought "next gen 64 bit games" you'd see that most of that group have PC's far more powerful than consoles.

DevilOgreFish1192d ago

I mostly game at 1440p, which isn't 1080p.

NovusTerminus1192d ago

For me it's more about just having the game... I don't want to get an X1 just for this game, not much else or interest for me on the system.

sammarshall1021191d ago

If I had a dollar for every time I've heard someone say this when it comes to Xbox One exclusives

just buy One already :)

NovusTerminus1191d ago

I'm planning to, Gamescom convinced me. but you can't blame me for not wanting to spend $400 if I have another option available.

But if I have to, I will be getting one around the time of release.

spicelicka1192d ago

Enhanced graphics everybody!

Truthandreason1192d ago

those salty console fans lol.

If you would have said PS4 you would have had 80 agrees and 10 disagrees, but mention PC and everyone loses their minds.

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TheGreatGamer1192d ago

Honestly hearing more and more about this game is just getting me even more excited, can't wait to play this next year!

Aurenar1192d ago

I wasn't that excited about it at the beginning, but it's growing on me.

christocolus1192d ago

"A lot of times, when you just casually hear, ‘Oh, dragons are in this game’ you think, ‘Oh, it’s a means of transport!’ Or maybe it’s your pet-like-thing. Or maybe it’s just a substitute for a weapon or a tool. But really, at it’s core, there is a bond that is stronger, as the game progresses and you go through the story"

Seems there is going to be a deep story in this game also he talks about not wanting to use Thuban as just a means of transport or a i guess we 'll be able to ride Thuban after all. :)

Rookie_Monster1192d ago

This game does have kind of the Panzer Dragoon Saga feel to it. And that game is really one of the most unique and best RPGs of all time.

Sonyslave31192d ago

Let be real how many of you so call pc gamers even have a rig that strong enough 2 run games at 4K lol.

tablecloth1192d ago

I can.

With lowest settings and 10fps. How about you and your console of choice?

MegaRay1192d ago

I can run limbo and fez :P

Lennoxb631192d ago

Scalebound looks like something Sega would have made if they were still developing on console. Looking forward to it.

Alexious1192d ago

You're right about that. Platinum Games definitely embodies some of that SEGA arcade gameplay feeling.

Lennoxb631192d ago

Man I wish Sega would team up with MS again like on the OG Xbox.

Concertoine1192d ago

The underdog, colorful and renegade feel of dreamcast era Sega is having a renaissance. Sunset overdrive, splatoon, this game...

Asuka1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

i sure as hell know i don't have a strong enough pc to run this at 4k 60+ fps with high res texture packs and all the post processing whistles. But maybe 1440p, 1080p no problem (if it ever came to pc).

But seriously, all i care about is another great looking game is on it's way, and this is making harder for me not to own an xbone =\

Alexious1192d ago

Agreed, I'm definitely getting one next year!

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