The spiritual successor to Rollcage, Grip is now up on Kickstarter

Keith writes: Several months ago we reported that there was a team that was quietly working on spiritual successor to the PlayStation title, Rollcage . Code named Project Grip, the title would attempt to recreate everything that worked so well in Rollcage and more. Ever since then, the team had been hard at work on working on the concept and had mentioned to us that they would be putting the game up on Kickstarter sometime in the near future.

Well that day is today! Recently launched, GRIP, looks to fill that void that was left open when Sony decided to shutdown Psygnosis / SCE Studio Liverpool left the world without a chance for another Rollcage or another futuristic racer, ever. But there is where GRIP steps in.

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Stinkinmushroom1222d ago

Can't wait for this game. Backed for the steelbook :)

Roccetarius1222d ago

Awesomeness, time to show we want something else, other than the typical racers.

JMaine5181222d ago

I am so backing this! This game looks awesome!

BigBosss1222d ago

Far out! I remember playing this game and I loved it! Cant wait for GRIP :D