Gamer 2.0: An Argument For Religion In Video Games

Amadeo Plaza writes:

''What if religion in video games was a good thing? What if it added an immense amount of breadth to the plots, in a time when genuinely enthralling narratives are falling by the wayside? Now, what if I were to tell you that religion has already done that? Many of our most heralded games had religious tones, whether real or fictionalized. Either way, the religious nature of these games did nothing but strengthen the storytelling.''

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Amadeo3706d ago

Thanks for the love. This article was pretty fun to write. I'm a relatively secular person, and although I consider myself Christian, I question a lot about religion. That said, I still find that games with religion are ten times more intriguing than the standard story line. Halo would have so little depth if it wasn't for the religious undertones. I also cited several other games that used religion in such an effective way, it skyrocketed the storytelling to grand heights. I think more developers need to be doing this.

AnthonyPerez3706d ago

Religiously themed storylines have always fascinated me, whether they are overt or suggested.

There are quite a lot of games that deal with the issue, including Xenogears, FFX and Gabriel Knight as the article talked about.

Final Fantasies in general have had a lot of it, including Final Fantasy Tactics, which I loved. It was actually revolved heavily around the Church, which was especially appropriate given the period in which the game was set.

There are more too but I'm drawing blanks right now.

DiabloRising3705d ago

I don't think games necessarily need to start adding religion to become more indepth. I just think writers need to start taking their themes and subtext/messages more seriously when appropriate. Check out MGS2, huge commentary on the US government, information, etc. Plenty deep, no religion. I think since religion has been a bit of a taboo no no subject in media, its inclusion automatically gives an air of gravitas to any project... its sad that so few games handle it properly.

Muff1nB4k3r3705d ago

Good read, that being said, if any game has a good story, I'm willing to try it.

But let's say games did take a big slant on religion, I can see it now:

"Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction -> Missionaries: Playground of Conversion"


RoyBoys3705d ago

I liked Xenogears... great game... *recalling great times playing Xenogears*

Liquid Dust3705d ago

Good to see some love for Xenogears my all time favorite, maybe i need to jump back in, hunt down some Anima Relics, obtain my omnigears, fight Deus with Andvari, Fenrir, and Xenogears. Ahh, the good old days

Millah3705d ago

Xenogears....greatest video game ever made.

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