Rodea The Sky Soldier Sees Another Delay

Cool your jets, flyboys. NIS regretfully announced today that, due to ongoing technical difficulties with the game, Rodea the Sky Soldier has been given a new release date of November 10 in North America, while the game will release in Europe on November 13 for Nintendo Wii U and Nintendo 3DS.

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BlackWolf1195d ago

Not again!!! Damn it all.

Nate-Dog1195d ago

I thought this was confirmed about a week ago? Maybe it wasn't said officially. To be honest I think it's better for the game, an October release could be horrible for it. Not that November is hugely better but still.

dead_pixels1195d ago

Nope, confirmation emails went out from NISA this afternoon. While releasing during the holidays is certainly a gamble for any game, this is about as niche as it gets. Anyone who considered getting Rodea in the past will likely still be grabbing it IMO. I don't think a November release will ultimately make a huge difference for Rodea.

Nate-Dog1195d ago

True enough, but any further sales they hope for are unlikely to come until a price drop presumably. Then again with the rumours of this NX coming soon this could be one of the last bigger first-party titles for all we know on it.

MSBAUSTX1195d ago

Anything closer to the holidays is bad for this game man. This should have been released as close to the usuall summer drought as possible. This game will not compete with the huge releases coing out in November time frame. I am going to buy this game but it will be really difficult for it to gain traction in such a packed fall and winter release year.

Nate-Dog1194d ago

I know but I still feel like October was the worst month for it. But yeah August would have been perfect I think with it being relatively quiet at this time of year. At this stage they'd be better off waiting until February or so even, I mean I want it but for the sake of the title and further localisation efforts I'd prefer to see it do well and wait longer for it.