Phil Spencer Talks 3rd Parties Jumping on Xbox One Backwards Compatibility, Paris Games Week & More

Backwards compatibility is definitely a solid feature in Xbox One’s arsenal, and Phil Spencer talked about it and much more in one of his usual Twitter sprees.

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DarkOcelet1192d ago

It's great the guy is taking from his time and answering questions fans are asking.

It makes me wonder how different Assassins Creed Unity would have been like if they used that Cloud Power.

Abriael1192d ago

Umh, not sure if that's what the cloud can be used for at this stage. Crackdown 3's uses mostly for iterations of physics, and there really isn't much physics in AC:U

DarkOcelet1192d ago

The amount of NPC on screen.

I don't think the cloud is only used in physics. Pretty sure it can be used on environments, crowd etc etc etc.

Eonjay1192d ago

Assassin's Creed Unity didn't need the cloud. It just shouldn't have been rushed. The idea of trying to artificially boost an un-optimized heap of trash is not where we want the tech to go.

Abriael1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

@DarkOcelet: from what we know so far, it's much easier to use on numerical data, IE, which is why it works on physics. That's why it's data that requires high resources to compute, but low bandwidth to share.

I don't see use in environments, unless you mean their destruction, and for Crowds, the current tech would work only on their AI.

It's not used for rendering, at least for the moment. To do so would require a lot more bandwidth.

Clown_Syndr0me1192d ago

If there was any more NPCs on the screen it would be unrealistic. There cant just be swarms of people everywhere.

lemoncake1192d ago

Wherever a calculation is being done cloud computing can potentially be used to do it, I think that's the easiest way to understand it.

BG115791192d ago

I've been reading about the subject.
They seem they had to reduce the packages between the cloud and the xbone to the calculations only and nothing else more.
Even with that, still don't get how they overcome the latency...

slasaru011192d ago

All NPCs and their behavior could be processed by the cloud.

Abriael1192d ago

"All NPCs and their behavior could be processed by the cloud."

Their behavior only. That's what AI is. The NPC themselves (IE their rendering) has to be done locally with today's internet speeds.

The cloud could theoretically process anything and everything. The problem isn't processing. It's sending the data at a reliable rate to the client console.

GameNameFame1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )


The latency becomes obvious if you have two objects with two different latency. MS chose to do all physics on cloud, so if you have latency issue everything will be consistent at least.

Onlive and Gaikai does 100 % of cloud compute to keep it consistent. You get spikes but consistent at least.


You can say that with every MMO ever pretty much with Titanfall(you have seen the result with that)

Running simple AI online has been done.
I say simple because complex AI involves far more and require to be snappy.

Not only that, you still gotta render them and what not. You run into other resource constraint.

Letthewookiewin1192d ago

As usual people are putting way to much on the shoulders of the cloud. It's not going to make games look any better, which is a common claim amongst a certain group of people.

Death1191d ago


How is it Crackdown can render an entire building, it's individual rooms, the infrastructure etc, but NPC's can't be done in the cloud? We all agree the AI which dictates their traits can be done, but why not the character themselves? Isn't that what I am seeing in Elder Scrolls Online? Each person I interact with is a player on a console. They are "cloud based" are they not?

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BlackPanther1192d ago

So MS will be a PGW as well which is cool.

Eonjay1192d ago

He says they usually have a booth so yes. They wont be criticized like Sony at GamesCom even though the situations are similar because they aren't in the lead. So Sony can have a conference and Microsoft can chose not to and there will be no articles about it.

Chanogram1192d ago

Or maybe there wont be an article about it because Paris Games Week is significantly smaller than Gamescom.

It has nothing to do with being in 2nd place in sales. Gamescom is possibly BIGGER than E3 on a global/attendance scale. For Sony not to have a conference was something worth noting. Prior to the last couple months, many people didnt even know PGW existed. That's like comparing NBA D-League championship to the NBA Finals.

christocolus1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I'm glad more devs are supporting BC , i really think Phil and his team are doing an amazing job. Having a booth at PGW is cool and besides they'll also have a small community event in canada later this month and will be holding a couple of events in Japan sometime in October and September. I would not be surprised if they announce another big Xbox event towards the fall or start of 2016.

Lucreto1192d ago


PGS is the second biggest show in Europe. Still 275,000 attended last year

mark_parch1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

microsoft always have a conference at gamescom and have never done one at PGW thats why they aren't being criticized.Looking forward to what sony going to show just a shame it won't be anything thats coming in next 9 months.

danoman641192d ago

@m0lton, please do your research before you talk, makes you look like an ignorant fanboy. The difference between Gamescom 2014 and PGE 2014, was just a little over 63k. That is still hell of a lot less than Sony controlling over 70%-80% of the European market. Sony has a boot with no conferences at Gamescom, fanboy and their media attack Sony, almost each day. MS has a boot at PGW with no conference, fanboys say PGW is small, it's insignificant, yet they have not done any research as to how many people went to PGW last year, and it's even looking to be much bigger this year, with Sony the market leader holding their press conference there.

DLConspiracy1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I dont think it was as much critisizing them as it was more surprising to see that Sony didn't have a conference on stage. Doesn't mean Sony isn't doing well. Just a little surprising because they are doing so well.

Bigpappy1192d ago

This is my first time hearing of PGW. I am in the U.S, and have followed gaming for longer than I would care to admit. I am quite sure I am no alone in this. Trying to equate PGW with Gamescom is laughable if not sounding like a desperate attempt to give Sony's some cover for not being at a huge event like Gamescom. The sad part of this defense is that it is not even necessary.

danoman641192d ago

And its very interesting that PGW is the second largest gaming show in Europe with over 270k people attending last year, you don't see Europeans down-playing it, but you see a lot of ignorant Americans claiming they have never heard of it, so it's irrelevant. It's amazing that just because they think they have never heard of it, that means it's less important.

4Sh0w1192d ago

It's not ignorant Americans just downplaying it. Some of us, myself included just simply have not ever heard of it. Also Microsoft and Sony typically do Gamescom every year, btw just because a lot of people attend something does not mean that's its well known worldwide, a lot depends on the coverage by outside media.

Sweep141192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

@ mark_parch : Ms only started conferences at Gamescom in 2013.

Also would not be surprised for PGW to reach or even surpass Gamescom attendees this year. Sony having a conference there will bring the spotlight on this event

Chanogram1191d ago

To some of the people commenting back at me about PGW. According to your numbers, people go. Fine, but that doesnt change the fact that it's not as well-known as Gamescom. It's a FACT that Gamescom and E3 are historically, the biggest gaming events, with TGS and Pax and a few others behind that. I follow gaming news pretty closely, and am not familiar with PGW. I'm sorry if that somehow upsets you.

Also, i wasnt bashing Sony for not having a press conference at Gamescom. I was simply stating it was NOTEWORTHY that they weren't, considering that it's the 2nd biggest event, from a world-wide coverage stand-point. I personally dont care where sony shows their stuff, as long as they show it.

Sometimes this site is just rediculous. Lack of reading comprehension, and assumptions all around. Not everyone that disagrees with someone is a "fanboy". I have all the systems, and enjoy all of them for what they are. Too bad more people can't just enjoy whatever console(s) they have the same way.

Death1191d ago


Gamescom is the larger show with most platforms holders having a conference. Sony skipped the conference this year and said they would hold one during PGW instead so they would have more time to prepare since E3 was too close for them. Why would people criticize Microsoft when they just did their conference? Microsoft did Gamescom and now we are waiting for Sony's show. It would probably be boring to hear Microsoft make the same announcements from Gamescom in October.

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corroios1192d ago

Lol, huge event in middle of the summer and 6 weeks after e3. Will ser what will happend at paris

MeliMel1192d ago

I'm loving Xbox a little more everyday!😂

blackout1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

The smartest engineers in the world are speaking, not only speaking but VERY LOUD. The onslaught is on the way and right now Microsoft is on fire. Every generation Microsoft sets a new bar. Enjoy the ride W10/X1 fans this is only going to get better. Hardware is cool bit software is what we all live for.